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A super "Big Vegetable Garden" will be built to enrich vegetable supply


On the morning of July 10th, the foundation of the strategic vegetable supply base project of Ningbo Agricultural and Commercial Development Group was laid. As the city's super "Big Vegetable Garden", the project is a public welfare project led by the government, constructed by state-owned enterprises and operated by the market. It is located in Xiwu Subdistrict, Fenghua District, with a planned land area of 3650.42 mu.

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Cixi green soybean enters its peak production period

Changhe farmer Fu Weiquan displays the green soybeans. (Photo by Chen Zhangsheng and Cai Hanchi

During the scorching summer, the fragrant and glutinous green soybeans are many citizens’ favorite. Recently, as local green soybeans enter their peak production period, related specialty dishes have also become the focus of attention. By stirring, frying, and boiling, "chefs" showcase their cooking skills online, making plain soybeans a popular delicacy.

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