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Ningbo Original Drama Sketch Competition kicks off

On July 29th, the 2023 "One Person, One Art Cup" Ningbo Original Drama Sketch Competition was held at the Ningbo Yifu Theater. More than 10 programs selected and presented by cultural centers and relevant municipal units from 10 districts (counties, cities) in Ningbo competed on the same platform, showcasing the vitality of Ningbo's mass culture and art.

More than 10 unique and distinctive original works features a distinct sense of the times and a strong sense of life. The actors' wonderful performances have won applause from the audience.

It is reported that the Ningbo Original Drama Sketch Competition, along with the Original Drama and Quyi Competition, is a regular event held in Ningbo. The competition showcases the latest achievements in drama and sketch creation in Ningbo in recent years, and is an important platform for testing the level of drama and Quyi among the masses in Ningbo

Internet hospitals facilitate citizens’ life

With the rapid development of information technology, internet medical services have gradually integrated into the daily lives of Ningbo people. According to  “Ningbo Internet Hospital Development Forum” held on July 15, Ningbo has established 42 internet hospitals, and an increasing number of citizens are choosing internet hospitals for medical treatment.

The earliest internet medical services in Ningbo can be traced back to 2014. In September of that year, Ningbo took the lead in the country in launching the construction of a “cloud hospital”, exploring and practicing internet medical services. On March 11, 2015, the “Cloud Hospital” was officially launched and put into operation, being the first internet hospital in Ningbo. From then on, Ningbo residents began to experience a new model of medical treatment.

According to statistics, there are currently 42 internet hospitals in Ningbo, including six municipal hospitals, 25 county-level medical communities, and 11 private and other hospitals. In daily life, especially during the epidemic prevention and control period, 42 internet hospitals may provide online diagnosis and treatment, examination appointments, and other services to the public. By the end of this year, they have served over eight million people.

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Asian Sailing Championship starts on June 8th in Donqian Lake

According to the organizing committee, the 2023 ILCA Asia (Open) Sailing Championships will open on June 8th in Dongqian Lake, and the competition will last for 7 days.

As one of the most influential sailing events in Asia, the 2023ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championships is the first international Class A sailing race held in China after the COVID-19 three years ago.

This competition has three levels: men's and women's ILCA4, ILCA6, and ILCA7, with a total of 123 athletes from 7 countries and regions competing together. Among them, ILCA6 and ILCA7 are the Olympic competition levels; ILCA4 is a competition event at the Asian Games, and this competition is also one of the selection events for Chinese athletes to participate in the Asian Game

“It's really worth the trip”

Italian doctors flew to Ningbo to learn acupuncture

“I learned a lot here and was exposed to a lot of TCM that I had never tried before. It's really worth the trip. Zion Levy said.

Zion Levy is from the University Hospital of Siena, Tuscany, Italy, and is a doctor with 30 years of experience in anesthesia. In mid-June, he and his colleague, orthopedic surgeon Nicola Mondanelli, came to Ningbo Second Hospital for exchange and study. The two-week study was short, but both doctors said they had benefited from bringing back their advanced technology and experience.

As an anesthesiologist, Zion Levy heard about acupuncture in China early on and was fascinated by it. “We have a clinical acupuncture anesthesia technique that was developed on the basis of acupuncture therapy in China.”

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2: 0! Ningbo Player Wang Chang Picks Gold

On the afternoon of June 4th, in the men's doubles final of the recently concluded Badminton Thailand Open, Ningbo athlete Wang Chang and teammate Liang Weikeng won the gold medal with a 2-0 victory over an Indonesian pair thanks to their excellent collaboration and performance.

In the competition, Wang Chang and Liang Weikeng took the lead as soon as they arrived, winning the first game with a score of 21:13 in just 10 minutes. In the second set, the Indonesian team desperately fought back, but Wang Chang and Liang Weikeng still resisted the pressure and laughed to the end with a score of 21:15.

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