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Ningbo Original Drama Sketch Competition kicks off

On July 29th, the 2023 "One Person, One Art Cup" Ningbo Original Drama Sketch Competition was held at the Ningbo Yifu Theater. More than 10 programs selected and presented by cultural centers and relevant municipal units from 10 districts (counties, cities) in Ningbo competed on the same platform, showcasing the vitality of Ningbo's mass culture and art.

More than 10 unique and distinctive original works features a distinct sense of the times and a strong sense of life. The actors' wonderful performances have won applause from the audience.

It is reported that the Ningbo Original Drama Sketch Competition, along with the Original Drama and Quyi Competition, is a regular event held in Ningbo. The competition showcases the latest achievements in drama and sketch creation in Ningbo in recent years, and is an important platform for testing the level of drama and Quyi among the masses in Ningbo

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