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2.04 million Ningbo residents have their own family doctors

Today is the fourteenth "World Family Doctor's Day". On the 17th, it was learned from a relevant meeting that Ningbo currently has 4040 signed family doctors, and the number of residents who have signed family doctors has increased from 150000 in 2015 to 2.04 million in 2023.

In 2011, Ningbo took the lead in implementing the pilot work of family doctor signing services. Starting from May 1, 2015, we fully implemented the family doctor system with the linkage of medical care, medical insurance, medicine, and medical pricing as the main symbols. In the past decade, more and more residents in Ningbo have had their own family doctors.

According to statistics, by 2023, the number of residents in Ningbo who have signed contracts with family doctors has increased from 150000 in 2015 to 2.04 million. 154 grassroots medical and health institutions in the city have formed a team of family doctors, with 4040

signed family doctors, 2538 signed nurses and 1182 signed public health personnel, and 775 social work volunteers participating in the signing team. Last year, family doctors provided 1.69 million appointments for contracted residents, 108000 orderly referrals, 33000 appointments for large-scale equipment examinations, and 5061 family beds throughout the year, providing 23000 consultation services.

In the past 10 years of providing family doctor services, Ningbo has built a team of family doctors with strong business capabilities, who are very popular among the people. It is learned that there are 1058 three-star, 357 four-star, and 60 five-star family doctors among the more than 4000 family doctors in the city. Among them, five-star family doctors have set up exclusive studios.

With the advancement of family doctor services, more and more grassroots patients are actively choosing to make their first diagnosis in primary medical institutions. According to statistics, in recent years, the grassroots medical treatment rate in the city has steadily increased and remained above 65%.

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