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Beilun New 10 Efforts to Build an "Ideal City for Youth"

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Qi Yue, the account manager of the business department of the Beilun branch of China Construction Bank and born in 1996, was busy looking at the newly opened real estate. With this subsidy of 300,000 yuan, I finally made up my mind to settle down in Beilun. ”

    The new policy mentioned by Qi Yue is the "big move" launched by Beilun at the beginning of this year - focusing on the experience and practices accumulated in the past five years, combined with the pain points and difficulties of young people working and living in Beilun, and launching 10 "Youth Beilun" series of new policies, involving ten major aspects such as housing, consumption, entrepreneurship and employment, to further promote the creation of the best ecological area for young people in the near and far future.

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“Chinese Zodiac Relics Exhibition in The Year of the Dragon”

is held in Ningbo Museum

Jingdezhen kilns, Qing dynasty, Guangxu period, yellow ground, famille-rose enamelled with clouds and dragons, porcelain covered vessel

Let’s see the dragon in the year of the dragon. Yesterday, "Dragon in China - zodiac cultural relics exhibition of the year of the dragon" in Ningbo Museum on the ground floor of the west special exhibition hall.    As the New Year's exhibition of Ningbo Museum, the most precious relics of "dragon" are "summoned" out. The exhibition displays 190 pieces of cultural relics with dragon elements, from the Spring and Autumn period of Kui Dragon bronze ceramic, Han Dynasty dragon bronze mirror, all kinds of dragon theme jade of Ming Dynasty,

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2024 New Year football tournament of Ningbo kicks off

The Asian Cup football tournament is currently well under way in Qatar. As an event to celebrate the Asian Cup, the “Kelme Cup” 2024 New Year Football Tournament  of Ningbo kicked off on January 21 at the Football Stadium of Beilun Haitian Sports Center, marking the beginning of the 2024 football season of Ningbo.

The football tournament is one of the traditional amateur football events in the city, and its biggest feature is that all participants must have be local citizens.

A total of 10 teams have signed up to participate in this year’s games, including the traditionally strong teams represented by Yinzhou New Town Team, the new emerging teams represented by Yuanda Refrigeration Team, and more backbone forces represented by Tianxia Football Team and Ruiwei Technology Team.

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New cafeteria for the elderly appeals to senior citizens

At noon these days, the new cafeteria for the elderly in Jiangxia Sub-district, located at 208 Yaohang Street of Haishu District, is very busy. The senior citizens may carry a plate and fetch a suitable amount of hot home-cooked dishes, and get charge through self-service weighing. “It is newly opened, and the environment and service are very good.” said Aunt Xie, an elderly resident living in the surrounding area. The delicious dishes such as shrimps, shredded potatoes, and beans are all popular, and elderly people can even enjoy a 20% discount.

“Machine cooking is a major feature of this cafeteria, and the combination of machines and human services greatly improves the efficiency, so that the elderly can have warm meals in a timely manner.” said a related person in charge from the Jiangxia Sub-district. There are

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“Art Masters’ Lectures” series activities launched

On the afternoon of January 21, Ye Xiaogang, Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chairman of the China Music Association, delivered an open class on “Telling Chinese Stories with Music” to the residents of Ningbo, at the Huiya Lecture Hall of the Minghu Campus of Ningbo Art Experimental School Education Group. The drizzling rain did not prevent music enthusiasts from coming and listening to the auditory feast.The class opened the prelude to the “Art Masters’ Lectures” activity in Ningbo, with the aim of telling the Chinese stories through music and nurturing the sentiment of the port city with literature and art.

Classic pieces appeal to the audience

Ye Xiaogang personally played the piano piece “Starlight”, which was once performed to over three billion people worldwide, marking the beginning of this open class.

Ye composed the “Starlight” for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. At the opening ceremony, Lang Lang presented the piece to a global audience of three billion, showcasing human being’s fantasy of the starry sky and love for life, as well as the modern Chinese way of thinking and their optimism and ambition for the future.

Then, he started with the story of the global dissemination of Chinese music that began in 2013 at the Lincoln Center in New York. He also talked about the stories behind his music creations such as “The Song of the Earth” and “"The Seven Chapters of Lin’an”, and shared his new ideas on music creation with the audience.

“The Song of the Earth” was created by Ye Xiaogang in 2005 based on seven  poems from the Tang Dynasty. With the same title as the world-renowned composer Gustav Mahler’s “The Song of the Earth”, it is a musical innovation that pays tribute to Mahler’s composition over a hundred years ago.

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