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Gifts for children of migrant workers

On July 5, volunteers of College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University were loading their donations for a school for children of migrant workers.

Let's get cool

On the hot morning on July 3, some foreign kids were playing in the cool water at Heyi Avenue.

Ningbo Airport to open a first international line

Ningbo will once again open the direct flight line to Singapore. On July 6, Jetstar Airways announced that from September 9 it will open the round flight between Ningbo and Singapore for three flights every week. This will be the first international direct flight line opened after Ningbo was updated to be an international airport.

The line will officially open from September 9. The 3K836 flight will depart from Ningbo Lishe Airport at 17:20 on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, and the flight will take 5 hours. The 3K835 flight will depart from Singapore at 11:25 on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. According to the plan, after October 31, in addition to the above flights, one flight will be added on Thursday, and so the regular flights will be 4 every week.

The Ningbo-Singapore flight line opened in 2004. Then Ningbo Airport was not an international airport, and then it was only a transfer airport for the Dalian-Singapore flight by the Southern Airlines.

Hua Dong, General Manager of Ningbo Lishe International Airport said that quite a few air companies are now talking with Ningbo Airport about the opening of international lines. So, Ningbo will for sure open more international lines.

Shao Daoliang, director of the market development of Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration, said, Singapore is a hot tourist destination in the Southeast, and more and more people of Ningbo would like to go to Singapore. So far, they can only take the flight at Hangzhou or Shanghai. In the near future, travel agencies will promote the travel to Singapore, as well as other countries in Southeast countries.


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