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Polish food enterprises attend CEEC Expo

With the second session of the CEEC Expo coming in over a month, some businesses of central and eastern European countries have come to Ningbo for an early preparation. On May 4, the 17 Polish food enterprises, led by the Trade Promotion Center of the National General Chamber of Commerce of Poland, attended the Food Trade Cooperation and Docking Fair co-hosted by Ningbo Trade Promotion Committee.

The fair is one of the series food promotion activities co-sponsored by the Trade Promotion Center of the National General Chamber of Commerce of Poland, the Meat Food Association of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Groups. Ningbo Trade Promotion Committee organized over 80 people to attend the fair, from 67 enterprises including such food purchasers as supermarkets, hotels and restaurants as well as some enterprises from the fruit, vegetable and meat product associations. At the fair, the meat, fruit and vegetable products were well received by the local enterprises. Some hoped to serve as agents for the "green" meat products such as the sausage and ham, and conduct in-depth cooperation by introducing the food production technologies from Poland.

It is also learned from the fair that to promote the sales of Polish food products in China especially in Ningbo, the Ministry of Agriculture of Poland will appoint officials to lead over 40 food enterprises to attend the second session of the CEEC Expo. "Poland is an important food producer in the CEEC area. The trade fair has made great achievements and will further promote the success of the coming CEEC Expo." said Ca Lida, Director of Ningbo Trade Promotion Committee.

Public service lanterns hung up

Public service lanterns hung up

To greet the coming Spring Festival and create a festive atmosphere, over a hundred public service advertising lanterns have been hung up at the streets of Ningbo

Garbage cans beautified

Garbage cans beautified

Students with Ningbo University were drawing on the garbage cans at Daqing Community of Baisha Sub-district, Jiangbei, to advocate garbage classification on the afternoon of March 30

Fresh Bread-Warm and Delicious

BrotKiste-Cash-and-Carry-Fresh-bread-display (5)


From now on you can pick up any time, without pre-order, your fresh and warm  bread from the bread counter at the Con Gusto restaurantCash and Carry

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BrotKiste-Cash-and-Carry-Fresh-bread-display (8)

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