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"Spring breezes make the south bank of the Yangtze River green again"

The exhibition of poetry and calligraphy works paying homage to Wang Anshi was launched

In 1047, a 27-year-old man ended his first job - a five-year career as a subordinate of the governor of Yangzhou and returned to the capital to wait for his post. There are two paths in front of him, one is to enter the pavilion, take charge of books, and compile national history; Second, then wait for an order from the outside to become a magistrate. He chose the latter.

Soon, the dispatch arrived, and the place he would go to was Yinxian. His name is Wang Anshi.

If Wang Anshi's nostalgia for Yinxian County has lasted all his life, then the locals remember that Wang Anshi has lasted for thousands of years. Recently, the "Spring Breeze and the South Bank of the Green River" jointly organized by the Yinzhou District Archives and the

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"Ningbo in Photos" Global Enterprises Exhibition Launched

Ningbo has 25000 foreign trade enterprises and numerous overseas factories. How to help overseas employees better understand Ningbo and let the world see China better? The "Ningbo in photos" Global Enterprises Exhibition kicked off today, with its first stop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Without leaving the factory, Cambodian employees can experience the urban charm of Ningbo, China, where the headquarters located thousands of miles away. They can experience the prosperity of the city in the skyscrapers of the eastern new town, the long history of the Drum Tower, the charm of the world's largest port in Zhoushan Port, Ningbo, and the wonder of intelligent manufacturing in the smart factories.

Photography is an art that transcends language barriers and connects people. This exhibition has selected 90 excellent photos as a medium to showcase the cultural heritage and openness of Ningbo to the world.

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Beilun New 10 Efforts to Build an "Ideal City for Youth"

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Qi Yue, the account manager of the business department of the Beilun branch of China Construction Bank and born in 1996, was busy looking at the newly opened real estate. With this subsidy of 300,000 yuan, I finally made up my mind to settle down in Beilun. ”

    The new policy mentioned by Qi Yue is the "big move" launched by Beilun at the beginning of this year - focusing on the experience and practices accumulated in the past five years, combined with the pain points and difficulties of young people working and living in Beilun, and launching 10 "Youth Beilun" series of new policies, involving ten major aspects such as housing, consumption, entrepreneurship and employment, to further promote the creation of the best ecological area for young people in the near and far future.

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