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First tax refund upon departure for overseas shopping

in Ningbo completed

“With just a scanning and several clicks, I can complete the verification of tax refund after departure for overseas shopping. It’s very convenient.”

On September 15, an Indonesian passenger prepared to depart from Ningbo Lishe International Airport. With the guidance of the customs officers of Ningbo Airport under the jurisdiction of Ningbo Customs, he successfully processed the departure tax refund procedures and successfully received a refund of over 3000 yuan.

This is the first departure tax refund completed in Ningbo since the implementation of the departure tax refund policy for overseas passenger shopping on September 1.

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Ancient Chinese Painting Exhibition goes viral

On the afternoon of September 9th, Ling Lizhong, Director of the Calligraphy and Painting Research Department of the Shanghai Museum, was invited to give a lecture in Ningbo to interpret the Yuan Dynasty ancient painting "Tour of Danshan" which depicts the beautiful scenery of Danshan and Chishui in Yuyao. This is the fifth lecture in a series of special lectures held by the Ningbo Art Museum for the " Exhibition of the Ancient Chinese Painting”, attracting many citizens to listen.

Through multiple efforts, Ningbo has introduced the "Exhibition of Great Chinese Painting in the Prosperous Era" to Ningbo. The exhibition features four major sections: "Inheritance and Protection," "Shared Treasures of Painting," "Boundless Realm of Innovation and Transformation," and "Transmission of Ink and Painting to the East". The exhibition covers an area of nearly 6000 square meters and showcases over 1600 published proofs of Chinese painting masterpieces. Both the exhibition area and the exhibited works have set a historical

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First exclusive insurance for garbage classification

launched in Ningbo

While garbage classification “tools” (for automatic weighing, AI recognition, and real-time cash return) have frequently appeared in residential areas in Ningbo, they have also brought many risks and hazards. Once the equipment malfunction, they may lead to environmental pollution and other issues.

Reportedly, three residential communities, including the Champs Elysees Community, the Central Garden Community, and Veken Upper Courtyard Community, have each received an exclusive insurance policy for garbage classification. If the intelligent garbage disposal station in the community malfunctions, a maximum compensation of 600,000 yuan will be delivered. This is the first exclusive insurance for garbage classification in China.

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135 City-level Cultural Relics Protection Units (points) in Ningbo

Chaoran Pavilion, Yintaidi, Superintendent's Office, Cihu Ruins, Zhongma Road Modern Complex, Taogong Mountain Ancient Buildings... Recently, the "two divisions" of 135 city-level cultural relics protection units (points) (that is, the scope of protection and the construction control zone) were officially announced. So far, the existing cultural relics protection units (points) above the municipal level in our city have two statutory "talismans". This reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism yesterday.

    According to reports, the role played by these two legal "talismans" is embodied in two aspects:

    Firstly, no other construction projects or blasting, drilling, excavation or other operations shall be carried out within the scope of protection of cultural relics protection units.

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Living block with traditional Chinese style in Jiangbei District

attracts tourists

Walking on the banks of the Congma River, tourists can see both the street and the river, and appreciate the traditional culture radiating from the ancient city walls. 

The living block in traditional Chinese style built along the Congma River further amplifies the charm of the ancient town. Strolling here, one can not only see the old styles of Cicheng Ancient Town, but also the ordinary lives of the local people.

Standing at the foot of the city walls of the Eastern Gate in the block, one can expect a wonderful encounter with time and space.

Up on the Wangyue City Wall, which is about 7.1 meters high, one can have a panoramic view of both sides of the Congma River block. The paths paved with bluestone slabs are long and intricate, and the exquisite courtyards are arranged in a neat and orderly manner. The green bricks, black tiles, and black pillars are  showcasing the gentle nature of the lower reach area of the Yangtze River.

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