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The "Grand Series" Special Exhibition in Ningbo is coming to an end

On July 1st, the "Compiling Classics-'Chinese Painting Series' Achievement Exhibition - Special Exhibition in Ningbo " was officially unveiled at Ningbo Art Museum. The exhibition covers an area of 6,000 square meters, mainly displaying more than 1,600 high-definition proofing drafts of Chinese paintings of previous dynasties, with an exhibition time of nearly 100 days, and the scale, exhibits and duration of the exhibition have set a historical record for Ningbo art exhibitions. The exhibition takes the audience to enjoy magnificence of the Han and Tang Dynasty, the endless Song style, the expressiveness of Yuan Dynasty, the brilliance of Ming Dynasty, and the clearness and fluency of Qing Dynasty, becoming a "phenomenal" cultural activity in Ningbo.

    Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are approaching, in order to meet the holiday cultural needs of the general audience, Ningbo Art Museum specially extended its opening hours, specifically from September 29 to October 7 for 9 consecutive days (closed on

September 28), from September 29 to October 3, the night show will be added to 8pm, and October 7 will be extended to 10pm.

    In order to showcase the wonderful exhibition of the "Grand Series" in Ningbo, on September 29, Ningbo Art Museum will hold a photo exhibition "Looking at the Grandt Series, Viewing the Millennium - Wonderful Moments of Exhibition". In late July, the Municipal Federation of Literature and Culture launched the "Grand Series" Ningbo Exhibition theme photo collection activity, and selected 3 excellent works every week and 1 collection work every month. The vivid expressions of the audience and the colorful exhibition moments of the "grand series" Ningbo exhibition will be presented one by one in this photo exhibition.

    Since the exhibition was launched, more than 200 volunteers have carried out more than 1,000 volunteer explanations for various groups and individual visitors. On the afternoon of the closing day, Ningbo Art Museum will hold a short award ceremony to present awards to outstanding volunteers and winners of the "Series" Ningbo Exhibition theme photo collection activity. Ningbo Art Museum will hold a farewell ceremony for the last audience before closing that evening, announcing the successful conclusion of the exhibition.

    The "Grand Series" Ningbo Exhibition will bid farewell to the audience on October 7. Please seize the last 9 days to go to Ningbo Art Museum to see the style of ancient Chinese painting, appreciate the development process of Chinese history and culture, and feel the wisdom and charm of the Chinese nation

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