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Ningbo direct flight to Nha Trang passenger route opened

At 5 p.m. on July 4, flight VJ5306 from Nha Trang, Vietnam, landed successfully at Ningbo Lishe International Airport and will depart for home at 6:40 p.m. that night.

This marks the official resumption of “Nha Trang-Ningbo “flights, which is the reopening of direct passenger flights between Ningbo and Nha Trang after three years. The route is operated by Vietnam Jet Airlines and is scheduled to fly three times a week, Thursday and Sunday.

Nha Trang is another international passenger destination for Ningbo Airport to resume this year after Don Mueang, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Tokyo, Singapore, Budapest and Jeju. It is understood that Nha Trang is the preferred “diving resort” in Vietnam, with its exotic scenery, unique cuisine and cultural customs, it has added new choices for Ningbo and surrounding citizens to travel, and is one of the popular destinations for summer travel.

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The visitors to the exhibition of the “big series”

 in Ningbo Museum of Art have diverse ways of reservation

After Monday's regular closure, the Ningbo Museum of Art's grand revision ceremony, the “Chinese Painting Series” Achievement Exhibition - Ningbo Exhibition, re-welcomed a large audience yesterday. At 8:30 a.m., half an hour before the opening of the museum, there were already many citizens and tourists waiting at the entrance of Ningbo Museum of Art, and some people peeked in through the crack in the door, which seemed very urgent.

“Very happy and excited, I came early and waited at the door for half an hour.” Ms. Hu, from Shanghai, said that she and her family enjoyed traditional Chinese painting, and on July 3, she heard her daughter talk about the exhibition of “Chinese Paintings of the Past Dynasties” on display in Ningbo, and immediately rushed over by train with her husband, staying at a hotel near the Ningbo Museum of Art at night.

At 9 a.m. sharp on July 4, under the guidance of the staff, visitors to the exhibition lined up in two lines and entered in an orderly manner by scanning the reservation code.

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Standard Innovation Contribution Award established in Ningbo

 The "management measures for Standard Innovation Contribution Award in Ningbo" will be implemented from July 26, marking the addition of a new engine to promote high-quality development through standard innovation.

The Standard Innovation Contribution Award, established by Ningbo Municipal Government, is divided into "major contribution award" and "excellent contribution award".

Reportedly, the award is a performance evaluation activity. The evaluation criteria are clear: in an important field of economic and social development, those who convert innovative achievements into standards or achieve major economic, social, and ecological benefits by carrying out standardized pilot demonstration project, can apply for the "major contribution award"; those who have achieved significant economic, social, and ecological benefits can apply for the "excellent contribution award".

The Standard Innovation Contribution Award is evaluated every two years.

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Citizens prefer short trips for Dragon Boat Festival

During this year's Dragon Boat Festival holiday, citizens in Ningbo still mainly conducted short trips to nearby places.

Some major scenic spots in Ningbo launched fresh and interesting folk activities, such as the ancient style carnival of the Chenghuang Temple, the "intangible cultural heritage theme tour" on the Nantang Old Street, the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations of Qiantong Ancient Town. A strong sense of experience not only involved tourists in the activities, so that the traditional culture were deeply rooted in people's hearts, but also strengthened the features of the festival.

It is worth noting that the passenger flow during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was significantly affected by the weather. On the first day of the holiday, when the weather was good, many families chose to visit farms to get close to nature, or went to the Daren Village at night to see the bright lights and check in the new popular cultural and tourist scenes of the village.

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