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"Wang Yangming Dictionary" will be released next year

The masterpiece "Wang Yangming Dictionary", the crystallization of wisdom and strength of numerous scholars, is planned to be officially released to the public around Wang Yangming's birthday next year, which will provide important academic reference for in-depth research on Wang Yangming's ideological system and historical achievements. It is learned from the plenary meeting of the editorial board of the "Wang Yangming Dictionary" held in Yuyao yesterday.

This meeting is organized by the Zhejiang Confucian Society and hosted by the Zhejiang Yangming Conscience Charity Foundation. At the meeting, Wu Guang, a researcher of the Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences and the chief editor of Wang Yangming's Dictionary, introduced the compilation of the whole book. Eight scholars, including Xu Chunlin, a professor of Jiangxi Normal College, and Wang Yu, director of the Institute of Culture of the Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, introduced the compilation of various sub topics, including

Wang Yangming's biography, category propositions, personage friendships, school inheritance, ideological system, overseas dissemination, editions, Yangming study in Japan, cultural relics and appendices. The attending scholars also exchanged opinions on the relevant content of the compilation.

Wang Yangming is a great philosopher, thinker, military strategist, politician and educator in the Ming Dynasty of China. He is recognized in History of China as the "Three Immortals of Truth" for virtue, merit and speech. Wang Yangming's life achievements and academic ideas have always been valued by the academic community

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