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The Go Finals of Ningbo City Games were closed

On July 27th, the Go finals of the 2nd Ningbo City Games of "Welcoming the Asian Games and Enjoying Health" were closed in the Yingmengli Scenic Area of Fenghua Xikou.

The competition attracted 231 players from 11 representative teams from all districts (counties and cities) in the city to participate, and the competition was divided into team and individual competitions according to age and gender to determine the champions.

The event was hosted by Ningbo Municipal People's Government, organized by Ningbo Sports Bureau and Ningbo Sports Federation, and organized by Ningbo Fitness Guidance Center and Ningbo Go Association.

The Second Ningbo City Games is divided into two sections: the Youth Department and the Mass Sports Department. Among them, the Youth Department participates in groups in each district (county and city); The Ministry of Mass Sports shall be openly registered by all districts (counties, cities, including functional area management committees) and society, including the municipal games for the elderly, and participate in groups such as sports associations for the elderly in various districts (counties and cities) and sports associations for the elderly in other industries. In terms of competitions (activities), the Youth Department has set up 28 major events, and the Mass Sports Department has set up 62 major events and mass exhibition activities.

According to the rules of this Go finals competition, in addition to professional team and professional club athletes and coaches, all those with Ningbo household registration, student registration or working in Ningbo can register.

Eleven representative teams from all districts (counties and cities) of the city participated in the competition, and the competition was divided into senior group, middle-aged group, youth group, junior group, children's A, children's B and children's C according to age, and each group held team and individual competitions respectively.

Each representative team sent elite chess players to compete, such as Zhang Weichi, a senior chess player of the Haishu team, and Liu Jiaqi of the youth group, respectively, representative figures of their respective age groups in the Ningbo amateur Go industry; Bao Jiaen, Xu Qirong, and Li Luyang of the middle-aged group of the Yinzhou team are all amateurs who have won the title of the city's "Boyang Cup" overlord competition.

After two days of fierce competition, each group was ranked.

In terms of groups, Cixi team, Zhenhai team and Fenghua team won the top three places in the senior group, Yinzhou team, Jiangbei team and Ninghai team won the top three in the middle-aged group, Yinzhou team and Haishu team won the top two in the youth group, Yinzhou team won the first place in the junior category, Jiangbei team, Cixi team and Beilun team won the top three in children's group A, Yinzhou team, Haishu team and Yuyao team won the top three in children's group B, and Zhenhai team, Yinzhou team and Cixi team won the top three in children's group C.

On the individual side, the top three awards in each group also settled.

Match site. (Photo by Hu Longzhao

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