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2nd Ningbo Universal Games are underway

On the afternoon of August 2nd, a press conference was held for the 2nd Ningbo Universal Games in Ningbo. The relevant officials of the Municipal Sports Bureau introduced the basic information, characteristics, and event progress of this event.

It is reported that the 2nd Ningbo Universal Games, with the theme of "welcoming the Asian Games and enjoying health", was hosted by the Ningbo Municipal People's Government and organized by the Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Sports Federation. It was held in the city from April to December this year. The competition is composed of two major sections: the Mass Sports and the Youth Competition.

The universal games present three major characteristics as a whole. The first one is that it has the most events in history. The Youth Competition has set up a total of 28 major events, and the Mass Sports has set up 62 major events and mass display activities, basically meeting the participation needs of various fitness enthusiasts in the city. The second is the new competition system. The Mass Sports has pioneered a "three-level linkage" competition system, which involves three levels of grassroots competition, selection competition, and municipal finals, gradually progressing and linking at three levels to jointly create a universal fitness atmosphere. The third is that the project is comprehensive and focused. The Youth Competition basically retains the events of the 17th Zhejiang Provincial Games last year, and highlights the key development projects in Ningbo, such as shooting, gymnastics, swimming, weightlifting, badminton, etc., in terms of the setting of sub events, significantly increasing the number of sub events in these projects and expanding the scale of participants

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