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“Immersive experience” comes into fashion

As this year’s Mid-autumn Festival is quite close to the National Day holiday, the festive atmosphere is particularly strong. Various cultural activities have been launched in Ningbo, including artistic performances, intangible cultural heritage performances, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, China-Chic Music Festival, etc., adding cultural flavor to the holiday. Public cultural venues across Ningbo are receiving peak passenger flow, like the art galleries, libraries, museums, and cinemas, where immersive experiences have become a major highlight.

The special exhibition of “Major Achievements of Ancient Chinese Paintings” held at Ningbo Museum of Art, as the major event of the holiday, has not only been popular among local citizens but also attracted tourists from other places.

“We have done a lot of homework before we come to this exhibition, and the on-site experience is very shocking. This trip is worth it!” said Zhang Yan, a tourist from Guizhou Province.

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Ningbo holds a grand national flag raising ceremony on National Day

On October 1st, we celebrated the 74th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. In the morning, Ningbo held a grand national flag raising ceremony, with over a thousand citizens watching the ceremony with great enthusiasm, expressing infinite respect and deep blessings for the great motherland.

On the South Gate Square of the Municipal Administrative Center, the theme flower bed of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games creates a festive atmosphere. Ningbo's advanced typical representatives, representatives of police officers, representatives of enterprise employees, representatives of government officials, youth representatives, representatives of primary and secondary school students, representatives of comprehensive law enforcement officials, representatives of military officers and soldiers, and representatives of the masses formed a team, gathering around the square and waiting for the five-star red flag to rise.

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The menu of "Double Festival" Ningbo cultural activities was released

With the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festival" approaching, the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day cultural activity menu of Ningbo has recently been released.

    On the evening of September 26th, the "Good Wind and Bright Moon is a Career" 2023 Tianyi Ge Yuehu Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was held in advance at Yuehu Huayu Square, telling the story of the traditional "moon culture" of Yuehu through the three festivals of "Moon Viewing", "Missing" and "Reunion", while commemorating the 800th anniversary of the birth of King Ying Lin of the Southern Song Dynasty.

    The closed and renovated Drum Tower will reopen to the public from September 28, and the Drum Tower Exhibition Hall will welcome the audience with a "Breeze Promise - Lian Gong (Lu Feng) Ink Sketch Exhibition" by the Hushang Calligraphy and Painting Institute.

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Only for the last 9 days, make appointment immediately

The "Grand Series" Special Exhibition in Ningbo is coming to an end

On July 1st, the "Compiling Classics-'Chinese Painting Series' Achievement Exhibition - Special Exhibition in Ningbo " was officially unveiled at Ningbo Art Museum. The exhibition covers an area of 6,000 square meters, mainly displaying more than 1,600 high-definition proofing drafts of Chinese paintings of previous dynasties, with an exhibition time of nearly 100 days, and the scale, exhibits and duration of the exhibition have set a historical record for Ningbo art exhibitions. The exhibition takes the audience to enjoy magnificence of the Han and Tang Dynasty, the endless Song style, the expressiveness of Yuan Dynasty, the brilliance of Ming Dynasty, and the clearness and fluency of Qing Dynasty, becoming a "phenomenal" cultural activity in Ningbo.

    Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are approaching, in order to meet the holiday cultural needs of the general audience, Ningbo Art Museum specially extended its opening hours, specifically from September 29 to October 7 for 9 consecutive days (closed on

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The "Colorful Dunhuang, Ancient and Modern Ningbo"

Dunhuang Art Exhibition opened in Ningbo

  Yesterday morning, the "Colorful Dunhuang, Ancient and Modern Ningbo" Dunhuang Art Exhibition opened at the Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University, and the two historical and cultural cities have created a new intersection across time and space.

    This exhibition is co-organized by the Dunhuang Academy, China Dunhuang Grotto Conservation Research Foundation, and Ningbo Institute of Technology of Zhejiang University. The exhibition will last until November 2, and citizens can make an appointment to visit the exhibition through the "Colorful Dunhuang, Ancient and Modern Ningbo" mini program.

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