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The 60 online exhibition programs of the "Children Spring Festival Gala"

go viral. The selected outstanding programs will appear on the stage

Passionate dances, emotional recitations, creative stage plays and melodious instrumental performances ...... Since December 14, 2023, Yongpai and Modern Jinbao, together with Ningbo Literary and Art Education Guidance Centre and Ningbo Variety Education Guidance Centre, launched the "2024 Ningbo Children Spring Festival Gala" event, schools in Ningbo have been actively sending their submissions. Since the launch of "2024 Ningbo Children Spring Festival Gala", all schools in Ningbo have been actively submitting their programmes, and the enthusiasm for participation has been very high. At present, among the large number of programmes collected, Yongpai Client has selected 60 programmes for online broadcasting, and the comment section has received many positive comments:

    "I didn't think there was a comedy programme, it's so interesting!"

    "These Children are awesome!"

    "These performances are also too professional!"


    Xiangshan County Haiyun Kindergarten is one of the schools that participated in the programme earlier, and the programme of fancy basketball drill has gained nearly 200,000 readers, "All the children in our kindergarten can play basketball, and the morning exercise of the middle and big class children is basketball drill every day. The basketball drill programme is carefully choreographed by our male kindergarten teachers, showing the children's vitality and confidence. We hope that our kindergarten children can finally make it to the 'Children Spring Festival Gala' stage with their strength." The kindergarten director Ou Saiping said.

    Behind every programme there is a common crystallisation of wisdom among teachers and students. Haishu Central Primary School's fashion show programme "Gilt Star", created and arranged inspired by the example of outstanding alumnus Wang Jianyu to establish a science and innovation laboratory, in the programme into the sound, light, electricity and other elements, and will be the meta-universe, the concept of robotics and astronauts into the image of the costume design. The children's love of science and their emotions were re-energised through the artistic performances.

    "Children often practice walking steps and body shape at home." A father saw his child's performance on the Ningbo Pai, recalling his child's hard work at home, he was overwhelmed with emotion, "Seeing his child blossom on the stage, confident, we are happy to be a parent."

    The next "Children Spring Festival Gala" will enter the network voting stage. Based on professional judges and network heat, the Organisers will select the final winners from the 60 excellent programmes shown online for the "2024 Ningbo City Children Spring Festival Gala" programme.

    In addition to the exhibition, the "Children Spring Festival Gala" flash mob has been held twice before in Ninghai Xizi Square and near Dongqian Lake. The wonderful performance of the children attracted passers-by to stop and watch. There will be several more flash mobs to come

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