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The development of Ningbo's integrated circuit industry is flourishing

Recently, walking into Ningbo Jiangfeng Tongxin Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., located in Xiaotang Street, Yuyao, a set of precision equipment dressed in "white clothes" is neatly arranged, and pieces of copper-clad ceramic substrates are moving in an orderly manner between the manipulators.

    Copper-clad ceramic substrate is an important carrier of the third generation of semiconductor chips, with good heat dissipation, good insulation and high bending strength, and is in short supply in the domestic market demand for semiconductor packaging materials with a scale of 65 billion yuan. However, the technical threshold of copper-clad ceramic substrate is high, which is a typical "stuck neck" technology. In April 2022, Ningbo Jiangfeng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. invested in the establishment of Jiangfeng Tongxin, established an innovation team, increased R&D investment, and finally realized the "Made in Ningbo" copper-clad ceramic substrate.

    At present, Jiangfeng Tongxin has mastered the production process of copper-clad ceramic substrate DBC and AMB, and its main product high-end copper-clad ceramic substrate has been initially recognized by the market, and its products are widely used in the third-generation semiconductor chip and new high-power power electronic device IGBT and other fields.

    Not only Jiangfeng Tongxin, but also Ningbo, which is accelerating towards the national characteristic process integrated circuit industry base, is introducing and cultivating a number of high-quality enterprises and continuing to make efforts to fill the "gap" in the integrated circuit industry.

    Ultra-high-purity metal materials and sputtering targets are the key materials for the manufacture of semiconductor chips, and chips the size of fingernails are densely covered with tens of thousands of meters of metal wires. Wire requires a very high metal purity of 99.999%. The accelerated restructuring of the global industrial chain and supply chain has made the person in charge of Jiangfeng Electronics keenly aware of the "opportunity in crisis".

    At present, Jiangfeng Electronics is stepping up research in the field of ultra-high purity metal materials, and its ultra-high purity titanium, tantalum, titanium and manganese production lines have been completed in China.

    It is not only Yuyao that is fully exerting its strength, but also in Zhenhai, Ruijing Semiconductor is preparing for the official production in June. According to the plan, the first phase of the project will produce 2,000 masks per month and achieve an annual output value of 1.2 billion yuan, and the second phase will add 2,000 pieces of monthly production capacity and an annual output value of 1.8 billion yuan on the basis of the first phase.

    In Qianwan New Area, Pure Semiconductor has grown into a leading designer and supplier of silicon carbide power devices in China, and is currently the only enterprise in China that can reach the world-class level in terms of core performance and reliability of silicon carbide devices.

    Not far from the pure semiconductor, the 8-inch silicon carbide substrate of CLP compound is coming off the production line of the ultra-clean workshop. These silicon carbide substrates will be widely used in electric vehicles, photovoltaics, energy storage, flexible grids, 5G base stations and other fields. "In the silicon carbide industry chain, silicon carbide substrate manufacturing is the link with the highest technical barriers and the greatest value in the silicon carbide industry chain. Wen Yufei, financial director of CLP Compounds, said that it is also the tuyere for the large-scale industrialization of silicon carbide in the future.

    "Nowadays, the development of Ningbo's integrated circuit industry is flourishing. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology said that the data showed that the added value of Ningbo's characteristic process integrated circuit industry chain last year was 12.327 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%, and the growth rate was gratifying.

    According to the plan, Ningbo will focus on the whole industrial chain of "integrated circuit materials, equipment, integrated circuit design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, and industry application", and focus on building four major industrial clusters in Qianwan New Area, Beilun, Zhenhai and Yinzhou, and accelerate towards the national characteristic process integrated circuit industrial base

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