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Beilun focuses on the integration of innovation chain

, talent chain and industrial chain

In the high-end precision industrial park, which covers an area of more than 320 acres, the main project of Haitian Precision No. 1 factory was basically completed at the end of last year, aiming at the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, and the Haiershi Biomedical Industrial Park, which plans to invest 2 billion yuan, laid the foundation stone in November last year, and plans to build a modern high-tech biomedical industrial park in line with the international high-end pharmaceutical and medical equipment market......

    As the Beilun area of Ningbo Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Zone has entered the substantive construction stage, Beilun has ushered in a new historical opportunity. A number of headquarters economic projects are accelerating the landing, and high-

quality talents who are closely integrated with the industry are coming one after another, continuing to write a new chapter in the deep integration of innovation chain, talent chain and industrial chain in this thriving land.

    "Innovation is the first driving force, talent is the first resource. In recent years, Beilun has highlighted the main role of enterprises in attracting and employing talents, implemented the project of '100 enterprises, 100 thousands and 100 stations', and helped enterprises lead the development of industrial innovation by continuously optimizing the policy system, strengthening the enterprise innovation platform, and strengthening the docking of industry and intelligence. In 2023, the number of newly selected talents in Beilun will double year-on-year, and the number of enterprise talents will rank first in the city. The person in charge of the Talent Office of the Beilun District Party Committee said.

    Gather talents with production, and prosper with talents. In Beilun, talents and industries are two-way and mutually successful under the wave of innovation, providing an inexhaustible source of power for the frontier of reform and opening up that has just entered the "year of no confusion".

    The integrated circuit industry is an important strategic direction of the country, and the integrated circuit industry is known as the "food" of modern industry and the cornerstone of supporting the development of the digital economy. Three years ago, Beilun Innovation formulated a special policy for integrated circuit industry talents and a classified catalogue of integrated circuit talents that highlight the market role, peer evaluation, high-end leadership, service guarantee and other elements, injecting infinite innovation vitality into the development and growth of the industrial platform Xingang Town.

    Implement the salary system to identify talents, innovate the recommendation system, implement the promotion system and incentives, and promote the development of the whole chain system...... In Beilun, through the reform and innovation of the talent system and mechanism, and the traditional talent evaluation system such as only academic qualifications, professional titles, and "hats" has been broken, so that people in the integrated circuit industry can have a clear sense of gain.

    At the same time, Beilun firmly grasps the main body of talent introduction, provides annual salary subsidies for enterprise talent introduction, encourages enterprises to cooperate with universities and scientific research institutes to build laboratories and other research and development platforms, introduces a total of 2 nation level innovation platforms, creates 5 enterprise research and development centers above the provincial level, and carries out research and development cooperation with a number of well-known universities and institutes at home and abroad.

    "In 2023, the output value of Beilun's integrated circuit industry will exceed 7 billion yuan, a total of 40 integrated circuit projects will be introduced, covering four categories: wafer manufacturing, key materials, packaging applications, and IC design, 2 top talents and 20 special talents in the field of integrated circuits will be newly introduced, and the financing amount of 3 enterprises founded by special talents or above will exceed 100 million yuan. The above-mentioned person in charge said.

    The "three-chain integration" especially requires young talents to play a mainstay role and add a fire of innovation to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the incubation and cultivation of future industries.

    "I am very glad to have chosen to return to Beilun for employment, and I hope that more young friends like me can continue to move forward with their dreams in this exciting city, and run towards their own shining youth and a better tomorrow. Kang Hao, a master's student of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a young man born in the 90s, chose to return to Ningbo after graduation and became a management trainee of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

    Dr. Zhu has been working here for more than half a year at Hirsch Biopharma Co., Ltd., working day after day on the research and development of immuno-oncology drugs. "We plan to use 3 to 5 years to establish a high-tech platform and team to complete a number of new drug targets and related drug development, and help the company become bigger and stronger. He said.

    Dr. He, who was introduced from a well-known foreign enterprise research institution, not only landed in Beilun with the R&D team, but also took the initiative to plan the upstream and downstream industrial chain of integrated circuits, introduced upstream EDA R&D companies, downstream packaging substrate companies, etc., and introduced 3 excellent talents and 2 leading talents for Ningbo.

    The sages are full of passion. More and more talents at home and abroad come with the dream of entrepreneurship, and have gained a talent development and youth-friendly "small luck" in Beilun, forming an "ecosystem" that grows together with the city and industry.

    At this moment, relying on the construction of the Overseas Intelligence Introduction Demonstration Zone and the Ningbo Collaborative Innovation Center for Overseas Engineers of High-end Equipment, Beilun has cultivated 7 national enterprise technology centers, more than 670 high-tech enterprises, built 5 science and technology innovation platforms for colleges and universities such as Ningbo Innovation Institute of Beihang University, and built 15 national, provincial and municipal incubators and maker spaces with high standards, further igniting the engine of high-quality development

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