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"Tianyi Night Banquet" debuts in Hangzhou,

how to serve landmark scenic spots, authentic Ningbo cuisine "in one pot"?

The Spring Festival is approaching, the streets and alleys "fireworks" rise. 7 January, 2024 "taste of Zhejiang - a hundred counties and thousands of bowls" food day activities and food culture and consumer season kick-off ceremony was held in Hangzhou Nongducheng food plaza, the province's food in the staging of the "mobile feast". The province's food here staged a "mobile feast".

As "China's tourism open tour", Ningbo brought what "food temptation"? There is an official "must eat list"? How to eat a good price?

1、"Tianyi night feast" first exhibition in Hangzhou

Early in the morning, came to Hangzhou Nongdu City Food Court, "Taste of Zhejiang - a hundred counties and thousands of bowls" dish series of Challenge award-winning works show tasting, food and culture theme banquet show tasting, food peripheral products show display and sale, extraordinarily lively.

Among them, Ningbo cuisine performance is bright, appearing in the fireworks bazaar, but also for the first time the poetic "Tianyi night feast" moved to Hangzhou, Ningbo lard soup dumplings, salted and finely chopped rhubarb fish soup, bad bones steamed scallop ...... now cooking, attracting tourists eating fingers.

On the scene, Liang Qun, deputy secretary-general of the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the provincial culture and tourism department party secretary, director Chen Guangsheng for the "hundred counties and thousands of bowls" Ningbo food promotion centre unveiled. From that day onwards, the majority of tourists can be located in Hangzhou Nongdu City food court on the third floor of the "hundred counties and thousands of bowls" Ningbo food promotion centre to taste Ningbo food, enjoy the non-heritage, taste culture.

Next, Ningbo districts (counties, cities) will also be held in this food theme exhibitions, April's "Haishu food promotion month", May Yinzhou "Yinzhou Mulberry Festival", July's "Fenghua Peach Festival ", August's" Jiangbei Cicheng nine big bowl food promotion month ", November's" Xiangshan seafood, red beauty promotion season ", etc., month to month there is wonderful.

"The next step, we will take the '100 counties and thousands of bowls' Nongdu Ningbo food promotion centre as a carrier, focus on creating '100 counties and thousands of bowls' Ningbo food new scenes, new landmarks of cultural and tourism promotional activities, to open a new chapter of Hangzhou-Ningbo Twin Cities cultural and tourism cooperation. " Activities at the scene, Ningbo City, Ningbo Culture, Radio and Television Tourism Bureau responsible person invites the majority of tourists to come to Ningbo over the New Year, feel the Ningbo food "tongue on the glamour".

2、Official "must eat list" to plant grass

Nowadays popular city walk, how to "eat"? With the "follow the food to travel" in Zhejiang Province, food tourism boutique line out, take a look at Ningbo to create the official "must eat list".

Ningbo embraces the river and lake, both the soft beauty of the south and the sea of the bold, both fish and rice countryside of the abundance of natural resources, but also the East China Sea coast of the sea feed, creating the Ningbo food fresh and salty and glutinous taste of the rivers and lakes.

"Among them, there is no feast more out of the circle than the 'Tianyi Night Banquet'." According to Li Yanghui, curator of Ningbo Cuisine Museum, "Tianyi Night Banquet" consists of ten cold dishes, ten hot dishes, two snacks and a group of seasonal fruits, with "fresh and salty" as the principle of food preparation, and is elaborately prepared by using Ningbo's local speciality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. The dishes are also named after the three dykes, seven bridges and ten continents of the Moon Lake built in the Song Dynasty, giving more cultural connotations to Ningbo's rich traditional food culture and regional cuisine.

Do you want to enjoy the landmark scenic spots and authentic Ningbo cuisine in one pot? We recommend a boutique line that combines provincial food districts and provincial food experience shops (flagship shops): Tianyi Pavilion (Haishu Tiangang Xiyue Hotel) - Gulou (Gulou food district) - The Old Bund (Xingjiefang speciality food district) - Ningbo Ocean World (Ningbo Scholar's House Banquet Jubilee Hotel) -Zheng's Seventeen Rooms Scenic Spot - Minghe Ancient Town - Hemudu Ruins (Yuyao Lianglang Big Cake Gourmet Town) - Xikou - Tengtou Tourist Scenic Spot (Fenghua Tengtou Eco Hotel).

The latest batch of "Taste of Zhejiang - Thousands of Bowls in Hundreds of Counties" provincial experience shops were also announced at the scene, and Old Ningbo 1831 (Hongtai shop) was on the list. So far, Ningbo has successfully created provincial food street (town) 5, provincial food flagship shop 3, provincial experience shop 88, provincial experience shop to achieve full coverage of the district (county, city).

3, Ten million yuan catering vouchers are to be issued

So, how to let everyone eat well at low prices?

On the day of the event, 2024 "Taste of Zhejiang - a hundred counties and thousands of bowls" food and culture consumption season policy (activities) heavy release. Among them, Ningbo brought a package of people initiatives - with the arrival of the Spring Festival, Ningbo plans to issue 10 million yuan catering vouchers for the city's personnel in Ningbo; plans to launch 12 "come to Ningbo over the New Year" New Year's Eve dinner package! ......

Behind the food, there are big industries, big livelihood, big culture, which support the expectations of thousands of families for a better and happy life. As the leading department of "Poetry and Painting of Zhejiang - Hundred Counties and Thousand Bowls - Hundred Bowls of Ningbo Cuisine", in recent years, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government of the municipal party committee and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Zhejiang Province, adhere to the "food to expand the brand to promote the brand industry", actively Promote the "Poetry and Painting of Zhejiang - Hundred Counties and Thousand Bowls" project, to comprehensively create and enhance the "Ningbo cuisine, hundred bowls" of the market visibility and brand influence.

Next, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism intends to introduce the "hundred counties and thousands of bowls" Ningbo dish promotion three-year action plan. In the next three years, Ningbo will create a wide participation of the masses, the domestic influential brand of Ningbo cuisine, the formation of raw materials production, processing, distribution, production, sales in one of the Ningbo cuisine industry system, so that the Ningbo cuisine culture has been inherited and carried forward and innovative development. "Strive to add 100 new Ningbo cuisine brand shops in three years." The person in charge of Ningbo Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau said

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