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Ningbo Airport ushered in the peak period

of inbound and outbound passenger flow

“I want to go to Hong Kong in the near future, how much cash can I bring?” “I want to bring some Thai medicine with me, is there any restriction?” ...... With the Spring Festival approaching, the popularity of outbound travel continues to rise, and there is an endless stream of passengers who consult Ningbo Airport Customs about entry-exit related issues.

According to statistics, from January 1 to January 9, Ningbo Airport Customs supervised a total of 123 inbound and outbound international passenger flights, with more than 14,000 people entering and exiting, an increase of 48% and 50% respectively compared with January

last year.

"Especially during the New Year’s Day holiday, there has been a significant increase in inbound and outbound passengers. On January 1, there were 13 inbound and outbound flights, with more than 1,600 inbound and outbound passengers, far exceeding the average daily passenger flow last year. Yao Yubin, chief of the third section of Ningbo Airport Customs Passenger Inspection, introduced.

According to the data, with the New Year's tourism market gradually getting better, the outbound routes of Ningbo Lishe International Airport are mainly based on Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia. Among them, the routes to and from Hong Kong and Macao continue to be popular, accounting for 60% of the total number of flights. Japan and South Korea are the second largest destinations, accounting for nearly one-third of the total, and direct flights to Jeju Island have been temporarily increased by two flights to ensure the travel demand of tourists.

In addition, the Ningbo-Budapest route, as the only intercontinental passenger route at Ningbo Airport, has also performed well, with an occupancy rate of over 80%.

At present, Ningbo Airport inbound and outbound passenger routes are continuing to open and encrypt. It is worth mentioning that with the release of the permanent visa-free entry policy between China and Thailand, Southeast Asian routes have recovered.

“Ningbo Airport Customs has maintained close contact with airlines for a long time, and has recently received the resumption plan of two routes in Bangkok and Phuket, and the Singapore route will also increase the number of flights.” Yao Yubin said

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