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Brand new night view of Sanjiangkou

to be unveiled during the Spring Festival

As night falls, the dazzling light show with the melodious music, shines over Sanjiangkou... Yesterday, it was learned from Ningbo Cultural and Tourism Exhibition Group that Sanjiangkou in Ningbo will have a brand new night view during the Spring Festival.

Sanjiangkou is located at the intersection of Yaojiang, Yongjiang, and Fenghua rivers. It is a connecting point of the Grand Canal (Ningbo section) and the Maritime Silk Road and an important platform for showcasing urban charm, quality, and culture. At present, the night economy demonstration belt project in the core area of the Three Rivers and Six Banks is being promoted. It will deepen the construction of a riverside landscape belt with a total length of 18 kilometers, integrate the buildings, green landscapes, bridges, gates, docks and

other carriers along the Three Rivers and Six Banks. Light show will be employed to present Ningbo's cultural elements and create a unique night atmosphere with Ningbo's characteristics.

The show includes four major chapters, which designed and improved the lighting effects of 164 buildings along the Three Rivers and Six Banks. One new 3D projection device and one naked eye 3D display screen have been built. Through creating immersive blocks and light shows, a deep experience scene of Ningbo culture integrating water and banks has been constructed

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