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First new year concert for talents from home and abroad held

“This is my second year in Ningbo. It feels great to enjoy music with so many Chinese and foreign talented personnel.” Last night, Professor Stefan, the “Camellia Friendship Ambassador” of Ningbo and the Vice Dean of the Sino-German Brand Department of Zhejiang Wanli University, was invited to the Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theater to attend the first New Year concert for Chinese and foreign talents in Ningbo.

The gathering of nearly a thousand Chinese and foreign talents is the biggest feature of this New Year concert. According to a related person in charge from the Talent Office of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, the organizer of the event, in recent years, Ningbo has consistently focused on the building of service brand for the talented personnel by improving the “general principles + special policies + customized rules” talent policy system, and has thus attracted outstanding talents from various fields at home and abroad.

To highlight the inclusive urban temperament of Ningbo, and better reflect the charm of cultural integration in the city, this concert focuses on a combination of Chinese and Western elements in the arrangement. There are classic excerpts from such operas as “Carmen” and “The Lady of Camellia”, as well as excerpts from the “Chinese Style Suite” that reflect Chinese elements, such as “The Sun Comes out in Joy” and “The Little River Flows”, There are even excerpts from some pieces that integrate elements of Yue opera and symphony.

There are the collision of Western and ethnic musical instruments, the combination of symphony and Chinese opera, and the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. Throughout the nearly two-hour performance, the audience applauded warmly, pushing the concert to its climax time and time again.

“Music knows no borders. The strong Chinese elements can be enjoyed through the concert. It is so amazing!” said Jin Dayong, an academician of the Australian Academy of Engineering and a professor of Ningbo Oriental University of Technology (temporary name). Having been in Ningbo for a year, he has been attracted by the city and feels that this is indeed a good place where he can focus on research. He hopes to make greater breakthroughs in the field of scientific research in the new year.

Talents help to build a better city. On the Grain Rain Day in 2023, Ningbo held its first “Talent Night” symphonic concert, bringing exclusive surprises to talents. In the future, Ningbo will continue to launch more warm and distinctive activities, allowing more domestic and foreign talents to feel a sense of home in Ningbo

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