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Two forums and an expo held in Ningbo

On the afternoon of July 17, the municipal government held a press conference and announced that Ningbo will simultaneously hold the “International Cooperation Forum for Maritime Silk Road Ports”, the “International Marine Economy and Maritime Business Service Forum”, and the “China (Ningbo) Marine Economy Expo” (hereinafter referred to as the “two forums and an exhibition”) from July 17 to 20.

To be specific, the two forums focus on port cooperation, marine economy and maritime services, while the expo focuses on showcasing marine industry and technological innovative products. The forums and the exhibitions are held at the same time, aiming to make use of the “high-end forum + industry exhibition”  model to more efficiently integrate the advantageous resources of various platforms, gather industry experts and top enterprise representatives, jointly explore the mode and path of building a marine central city, showcase the latest products and technological achievements of the modern marine industry, share advanced cases of marine sustainable development, and expand cooperation and exchange opportunities in more diverse channels and broader fields.

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Ningbo Street Sports and Life Festival kicks off

On the evening of July 15, the opening ceremony of the “O ZONE” Ningbo Street Sports and Life Festival, as known as Yinzhou Sports Consumption Festival, was held at Ningbo Cultural Plaza. At the opening ceremony, fighting, sports dance, fancy basketball, BMX, skateboarding, bodybuilding and other sports events were performed, adding a lot of color to the leisurely summer evening.

The sports consumption festival activities began on July 14 and continued until July 16. With the theme of “welcoming the Asian Games and new trends, and promoting consumption”, the festival integrates sports competitions and trend elements, closely following the spirit of the Asian Games, and meticulously creating four major street trend sports zones: street sports, street experience, trendy streets, and street performances. It integrates various trendy sports activities such as skateboarding events, combat music festivals, street basketball, new product releases, beach volleyball, and trendy street markets, enriching the supply of the sports market. The activities have unleashed the potential of sports consumption, brightening the night market and igniting consumption in Yinzhou District.

As for street sports and street experience activities, there are the Ningbo activitiy of World Skateboarding Day, the “Fuming Cup” combat music festival,

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3 Ningbo enterprises won "Product Innovation Award"

at the opening of the China Fair in Shanghai

Currently, the global economic recovery still faces various challenges, with weak growth in international trade and investment, and impacted global industrial and supply chains. Under the new situation, how to better utilize trade digitization and regain the "new advantages" of foreign trade competition has become a heated issue. Yesterday morning, the 31st China Fair officially opened in Shanghai. The organizers have cancelled the traditional opening ceremony and replaced it with a forum on "Foreign Trade Development and New Patterns".

According to the organizing committee, the forum has been a "new ceremony" for the opening of the China International Trade Fair since the 27th session. The China International Trade Fair hopes to build an exchange platform for participating enterprises and foreign trade experts and scholars, jointly promoting the healthy development of China's export trade and assisting in the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

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Ningbo Airport develops both passenger flight and freight flight

Under the azure sky of Tokyo, Budapest, and New York, the frequent flights from Ningbo Airport shimmer in the sunlight. Over the past week, the average daily flight volume of Ningbo Airport has exceeded 300, beyond the level of the same period in 2019.

Under the guidance of the “No.1 open project” of the “Sweet Potato Economy”, Ningbo Airport has focused on connecting the global market, gathering high-end business formats, and enhancing openness, by accelerating the layout of passenger and freight routes, achieving full coverage across the top three major economic zones of Europe, America, and Asia.

At the beginning of this year, the Spring and Autumn Airlines of Japan resumed its international passenger flights from Ningbo to Narita Airport of Tokyo. 34 months have passed before Ningbo Airport resumed its direct flight to Tokyo. Subsequently, flights from Ningbo to

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Summer nights are a perfect match for the "Big Series" exhibition

On July 7th, Ningbo was once again hit by high temperatures. At night, there were numerous citizens visiting the "Exhibition of Masterpieces of Chinese Paintings" at the Ningbo Art Museum.

Walking from Lotus Pond to Ningbo Art Museum Square, you can see people taking photos along the way. In Ningbo, summer nights match well with painting exhibitions and are very popular, "said Ms. Liu, who had an appointment with a friend to watch the exhibition after work. Many traditional painting masterpieces that are difficult to see are gathered together in such a special way, which is very eye-catching for Ningbo citizens.

Parents and children are one of the main audience groups for the painting exhibition. The immersive exhibition area is one of the most popular places for the painting exhibitions,

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