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Light shows in Ningbo to greet the coming Asian Games

The 100-day countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games is approaching. In order to create an atmosphere for the Asian Games, from 19:00 to 22:00 every day from June 13 to 16, nearly a hundred buildings in Ningbo will be lit together, welcoming the important moments of the Asian Games with a dazzling night sky.

The countdown light show focuses on the elements related to the Asian Games and the openness and inclusiveness of the city of Ningbo. In Sanjiangkou area, the whole light display aims to show the beauty and charm of the Asian Games. Through the way of large stretches of blank and scattered pictures, the overall composition, and the multi-dimensional spatial structure of points, lines and planes, the light show present a unique display with elegant and comfortable pictures and warm and flexible mascot images.

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First industrial guidance center for "common prosperity" put into operation

At present, it is the season for strawberry seedling cultivation. Wang Yonggui, a farmer in Zhenhai District, made an order of 50,000 seedlings from the "Common Prosperity Workshop" in Ahuan Strawberry Garden, Luotuo Sub-district. "With the new industrial guidance center, there are more mentors teaching planting techniques and providing guidance on professional operation of industrial development." said Wang Yonggui

On the afternoon of the June 13, the Industrial Guidance Center for "Common Prosperity Workshop" in Zhenhai District, located in Luotuo Sub-district, was officially put into operation. Reportedly, this is the first of its kind in Ningbo.

Led by the working committees of New Economic Organizations and New Social Organizations of Zhenhai District Party Committee, the center is jointly participated by such departments as agriculture and rural affairs department, supply and marketing cooperatives, the bureau

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Cultural Memories Inheritance and Protection Fund established

The launching ceremony of the “charity fund for cultural memories inheritance and protection in Ningbo”, as well as the plaque awarding ceremony of the demonstration base for cultural and museum space innovative operations, the theme event for the “2023 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”, was held at the historic and cultural block of Lianqiao Street on June 10.

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