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Ningbo to hold International Museum Day activities

May 18 is the International Museum Day. This year, China Port Museum will be the main venue for the celebrating activities of Ningbo. From the noon of May 18 to May 19, the “port life week” with the theme of “floating forever” will be staged at the museum.

Like in the last year’s Port Life Festival, this year’s Port Life Week will witness the return of the well-received plays and the string puppet performance on the “Marine Theater” stage.

For example, the large-scale steam-punk visual art show “Punk Planet 2026”, which participated in the Ancient Town Carnival Unit of the 9th Wuzhen Drama Festival, integrates technology and retro elements. With such exhibits as giant energy resource vehicles, steam high-wheel vehicles, and robotic arm doctors, the show will take people back to the bizarre steam time and space.

Last year, the string puppet show from Quanzhou was very popular. This time, the young artist Cai Jiajie will return with his work “The Zhous’ Teahouse”. By combining traditional marionette techniques with modern theatrical narrative forms, the performance will showcase the unique charm of this intangible cultural heritage item. In addition to enjoying the performance, the audience can also sign up to participate in the “walking into the puppet world” series of workshops and personally experience the puppets operating techniques.

The Cultural Heritage and Museum Fair is also a “repertoire” of the port life week. The cultural and creative booths of over 20 museums, including Shaanxi History Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Suzhou Museum, and China Silk Museum, will bring a rich variety of cultural and creative products. Together with more than 30 popular booths from Liduo Fair, they will provide the public with original designs, eco-friendly bags, fabric handicrafts, vintage clothing, coffee and other delicious food from Ningbo and surrounding cities


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