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More than 500 elderly people play Tai Chi together

Event site. (Photo by Wang Bo and Zheng Tuo)

On May 17th, more than 500 Tai Chi enthusiasts gathered at the Cultural Center Square in Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District to play Tai Chi together, an event designed to inherit traditional Chinese culture and showcase the charm of the East. This event is hosted by the China Elderly Sports Association, organized by the Yinzhou District Elderly Sports Association, and co organized by the Hengxi Town People's Government and the Town Elderly Sports Association.

At 8:30 in the morning, Tai Chi enthusiasts formed a fancy square and collectively showcased the 24 and 42 forms of Tai Chi. In the gentle music, the energetic Tai Chi players moved like flowing clouds and water, showcasing the charm of Tai Chi in every move.

"I practice Tai Chi for at least one hour every day. I have been practicing it for 12 years. This exercise can improve cardiovascular function, promote blood circulation, and also soothe emotions..." said Chen Lingli, a 62-year -old Tai Chi enthusiast at the event.

Throughout the year, whether it's cold or hot, Chen always appears on time at the Cultural Center Square in Hengxi Town to practice Tai Chi with her old friends. Although she feels unwell occasionally, she still tries her best to practice at home.

It is reported that there have been Tai Chi practice stations in 22 towns (subdistricts) of Yinzhou, with over 1500 registered members.

"An investigation shows more than 80% of the elderly in the district have participated or are currently participating in practicing Tai Chi. We are organizing this event to encourage the elderly to do exercises. Besides, we also hope to use Tai Chi as a medium to guide everyone to better inherit national essence and enhance cultural confidence." said Shao Guohua, the head of the Tai Chi Special Committee of the Yinzhou Elderly Sports Association

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