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"Ningbo in Photos" Global Enterprises Exhibition Launched

Ningbo has 25000 foreign trade enterprises and numerous overseas factories. How to help overseas employees better understand Ningbo and let the world see China better? The "Ningbo in photos" Global Enterprises Exhibition kicked off today, with its first stop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Without leaving the factory, Cambodian employees can experience the urban charm of Ningbo, China, where the headquarters located thousands of miles away. They can experience the prosperity of the city in the skyscrapers of the eastern new town, the long history of the Drum Tower, the charm of the world's largest port in Zhoushan Port, Ningbo, and the wonder of intelligent manufacturing in the smart factories.

Photography is an art that transcends language barriers and connects people. This exhibition has selected 90 excellent photos as a medium to showcase the cultural heritage and openness of Ningbo to the world.

This exhibition covers multiple aspects, including the bustling scene of the port connecting the world and the ingenuity of traditional craftsmen; There is both the cityscape with skyscrapers and the picturesque Jiangnan water town.

In the meticulously arranged exhibition, each photo is presented in both Chinese and Cambodian to help the audience gain a deeper understanding of the story and meaning behind them. Visitors can not only experience the landscapes and colorful buildings of the eastern coastal city online, but also see the beautiful civilization of China.

The Buddhist culture in Ningbo has a history of over 1000 years, with profound heritage and rich connotations. Cambodia also has a long and unique Buddhist culture, which plays an important role in Cambodia's history and society. Many historical buildings and cultural attractions in Cambodia are closely related to Buddhism. This exhibition also set up a special Buddhist section, exhibiting a series of photography works featuring Buddhist culture, showcasing the commonalities and unique charm of each other's cultures.

The Global Enterprises Exhibition is not only a visual feast, but also a cultural exchange. Photos that are intricately linked to the local social life in Cambodia bear witness to the beautiful moments and deep friendships of friendly exchanges between China and Cambodia.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia has gathered 28 Ningbo enterprises and 120000 employees. How employees from different cultural backgrounds can break down barriers, enhance understanding, and achieve better communication and exchange is a challenge faced by many overseas factories. "I hope that by visiting this exhibition, employees from overseas factories can better understand Chinese culture and Ningbo, making the international community more cohesive," said an executive of the Ningbo Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia with great anticipation.

According to the plan, the "Ningbo in Photos" Global Enterprises Exhibition will be held in 100 overseas factories of Ningbo enterprises

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