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New cafeteria for the elderly appeals to senior citizens

At noon these days, the new cafeteria for the elderly in Jiangxia Sub-district, located at 208 Yaohang Street of Haishu District, is very busy. The senior citizens may carry a plate and fetch a suitable amount of hot home-cooked dishes, and get charge through self-service weighing. “It is newly opened, and the environment and service are very good.” said Aunt Xie, an elderly resident living in the surrounding area. The delicious dishes such as shrimps, shredded potatoes, and beans are all popular, and elderly people can even enjoy a 20% discount.

“Machine cooking is a major feature of this cafeteria, and the combination of machines and human services greatly improves the efficiency, so that the elderly can have warm meals in a timely manner.” said a related person in charge from the Jiangxia Sub-district. There are

now over 5,000 elderly people in the area. In order to better solve their dining problem, the sub-district has collaborated with well-known food companies in Ningbo to build this unique cafeteria for the elderly. The model of “government subsidies + enterprise concessions + elderly people payment” makes it possible for the elderly to enjoy meals in a convenient way

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