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2024 New Year football tournament of Ningbo kicks off

The Asian Cup football tournament is currently well under way in Qatar. As an event to celebrate the Asian Cup, the “Kelme Cup” 2024 New Year Football Tournament  of Ningbo kicked off on January 21 at the Football Stadium of Beilun Haitian Sports Center, marking the beginning of the 2024 football season of Ningbo.

The football tournament is one of the traditional amateur football events in the city, and its biggest feature is that all participants must have be local citizens.

A total of 10 teams have signed up to participate in this year’s games, including the traditionally strong teams represented by Yinzhou New Town Team, the new emerging teams represented by Yuanda Refrigeration Team, and more backbone forces represented by Tianxia Football Team and Ruiwei Technology Team.

There is a special team in this competition: Yongying Ningbo Youth Training Camp, which is a specially invited team mainly consisting of trainees from the 2014 Youth Training Camp by Ningbo Football Association. The team members are all students on campus. The oldest player was born in 2000 and is currently a senior in college. The youngest was born in 2008 and is currently in his first year of high school. This is a team of “straight A students”, with Hu Qihang studying at Zhenhai High School and Gong Ke, Liao Junxing, and Zhao Kangzirui studying at Xiaoshi High School. All four of them were members of the first players of the famous “Huluwa Team” ten years ago. Other members of the “Huluwa Team”, such as Ma Yuze, Zhang Te and Zhang Shiyao, also signed up for the event. 

This year’s teams are divided into two groups, with five teams from each group playing four rounds of single round robin matches. The top four teams in points will come to the quarter finals.

In the four matches played on the first day, most strong teams won by a large margin, with only one game without a goal, which was the only draw of the day. In Group A, Ruiwei Technology Yiteng Team defeated Xiepu Xingye Team with a 5-0, and Yinzhou New Town Team defeated 8384 Team with a 4-1. In Group B, Tianxia Football Team drew 0-0 with the Jiaxie Chenming Sealing Team, and the Yuanda Refrigeration Team defeated the Laojiangqiao Team with a 6-2.

This Wednesday, there will be the second round of group matches, and the Yuanda Refrigeration Team will compete with Ningbo Youth Training Camp Team, which is sure to arrest a lot of attention.

The event is guided by Ningbo Football Association, hosted by the High-tech Zone Football Association, and supported by Kelme Sports as the title sponsor

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