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Asian Sailing Championship starts on June 8th in Donqian Lake

According to the organizing committee, the 2023 ILCA Asia (Open) Sailing Championships will open on June 8th in Dongqian Lake, and the competition will last for 7 days.

As one of the most influential sailing events in Asia, the 2023ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championships is the first international Class A sailing race held in China after the COVID-19 three years ago.

This competition has three levels: men's and women's ILCA4, ILCA6, and ILCA7, with a total of 123 athletes from 7 countries and regions competing together. Among them, ILCA6 and ILCA7 are the Olympic competition levels; ILCA4 is a competition event at the Asian Games, and this competition is also one of the selection events for Chinese athletes to participate in the Asian Game

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