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The "Mythical Bird" guardianship action was launched in Xiangshan

On July 3, the "Mythical Bird" Chinese Crested Tern Guardianship Action with the theme of "Saving Flagship Species and Protecting Biodiversity" was officially launched in Xiangshan. Experts, scholars and volunteers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and other places gathered together to provide suggestions for the protection of "mythical birds" and discuss and exchange biodiversity conservation work.

The Chinese crested tern is a national first-class key protected wild animal, listed as a "critically endangered" species in the IUCN Red List, and is a "mythical bird" that was once considered extinct and rediscovered.

Since the discovery of Chinese crested terns in 2004, Xiangshan County has been committed to the protection of Chinese crested terns, and in 2013, an artificial attraction project was implemented in Leeshan Islands-Tiedun Island, which effectively promoted the recovery growth of the tern population and successfully hatched 179 Chinese crested tern chicks.

At present, Tiedun Island has become the largest habitat of the world's Chinese crested tern breeding population, and has become a successful model of the rescue and protection of endangered wild animals in our province. In November last year, the protection of the Chinese crested tern was selected as one of the "Top Ten Cases of Waterbird Conservation in China", providing a Chinese sample and Zhejiang plan for the rescue and protection of endangered wild animals in the world.

At the event, through the interview video of Taiwanese documentary director Liang Jide, the journey of "mythical birds" to reproduce the world was recounted. Liu Xiaoru, former president of the International Federation of Ornithologists (IOU) and named after "Mythical Birds", and Zhang Zhengwang, vice president of the Zoological Society of China, chairman of the Ornithology Society, and professor of Beijing Normal University, recognized the conservation of the Chinese crested tern and put forward valuable suggestions for the conservation of seabirds in China.

Zhou Feng, director of the Xiangshan County Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, read out the China Crested Tern Protection Initiative as a representative, and the China Crested Tern Protection Alliance, composed of representatives of 22 alliance members, was officially established. The alliance will effectively promote the coordinated protection of the Chinese crested tern and promote the protection of endangered species and marine ecology. Hong Chonghang, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Forest Environment and Resource Science of National Taiwan University, and Ding Peng, deputy director of Xiangshan County Nature Reserve Management Center, were also awarded the honorary title of "'Mythical Bird' Exchange Envoy".

The campaign aims to save the flagship species, protect the habitat of the Chinese crested tern, and strengthen scientific research and education, as well as international cooperation

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