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Cherry products of Ningbo equipped with carbon footprint certificate

As is known, one kilogram of steak produces about 30 kilograms of carbon emission, then what is the carbon emission generated by one kilogram of "dried cherry " products?

Consumers who bought the "dried cherry" products produced by the "Cloud Cherry Blossom" workshop in Zhangshui Town of Haishu District these days found that they could receive a "carbon label" along with the purchase, showing that the carbon emission of one kilogram of dried cherry was 3.57 kilograms in the whole process of picking and processing.

As is reported, the "dried cherry" products of Zhangshui Town have obtained the first carbon footprint certificate of cherry blossom products in China after the accounting and certification by such professional institutions as East Zhejiang Environmental Energy Exchange and Beijing Elway Quality Certification Center, aiming to intuitively convey the concept of low-carbon products to consumers and guide consumers to form low-carbon consumption awareness.

"Zhangshui Town has nearly 10,000 mu of cherry blossoms, and 50,000 kilograms of cherry blossoms have been dried this year. The low-temperature vacuum dryer we use adopts clean electricity, which makes its greenhouse gas emission much lower than traditional hot air dryers." said Li Hongbo, head of Ningbo Siming Mountain Cherry Blossom Agricultural Development Co., Ltd, a cherry blossom products processer in Zhangshui Town. "I am glad to see that the dried cherry blossom products produced by our workshop can obtain a 'carbon label'. This not only advocates a low-carbon lifestyle to consumers, but also reflects the fulfillment of our social responsibilities for ecological and environmental protection." 

In recent years, Zhangshui Town has made full use of the mountain resources as well as its own resource endowment conditions. Based on the efforts of the "cloud cherry blossom", it has further promoted the development of characteristic industrial chains, laying a good foundation for the creation of zero carbon towns. "The certification of the carbon footprint and the introduction of the 'carbon label' aim to enhance the ecological value of Zhangshui Town with the language of 'carbon'. It has explored a new path of organic integration and development of 'low carbon + common prosperity' by transforming cherry blossoms into the 'green development energy'' of the town and the 'income increment' of local villagers." said a related person in charge from Zhangshui Town

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