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Audio, visual, and electric immersive show performs "whale" rescue


The performance of " Town of Fishing " show. (Photo by Xu Neng and Dong Jinghong)

Last April, a giant whale ran aground in the Shipu area of Xiangshan and successfully returned to the sea after a 20 hour "whale" rescue.

This scene has touched countless netizens, where people have seen the miracles created by love and the efforts made by coastal people to protect marine life. The night before yesterday, the first coastal scene performance show in China, "Town of Fishing," held a special event to welcome the Asian Games at Shipu Strait Square. Inspired by the story of rescuing the Sperm whale, the show reproduces the relay of love by combining light and performance, and uses digital technology to frame the beautiful picture of "the roaming of human and whale ", which arouses the audience's thinking about the relationship between man and nature.

For over half an hour, the coastal scene performance show "Town of Fishing" presented a visual and auditory feast that combines sound and light through a 360 degree immersive performance with all senses. The performance show adopts a non-linear narrative approach, conveying to the world the worldview of "heaven and earth coexist with me, and all things are one with me" in Zhuangzi's "Essay on the Uniformity of All Things" through four major chapters: "The Old Town and the Whale", "The Rescue of the Whale", "The Swimming of Human and Whale", and “All things in one”, telling the story of the ancient city and whales.

Director Shi Bo, who has participated in the production of live action shows in multiple domestic locations, stated that the "Town of Fishing" has its own characteristics. This is a practical coastal performance show, with the harbor in front of us and Dongmen Fishing Island opposite. During the performance, the light show of the 'Town of Fishing ' will illuminate both sides of the harbor, adding a touch of brightness to the night of the harbor.

It is learned that the performance show was jointly produced by Ningbo Performing Arts Group and the Xiangshan County People's Government, and was successfully selected as one of the "Top 10 Cultural Industries in Ningbo in 2022" and one of the first demonstration projects for the transformation and utilization of cultural gene decoding achievements in Zhejiang Province

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