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Summer research study kicks off

Students are participating in on-site activities. (Photo by Chen Zhaoxia and Cai Di)

A series of colorful summer activities are ready with the coming of summer vacation.

On the morning of July 5, at the Jian'ao Village Cultural Auditorium in Yinjiang Town, Haishu District, more than 150 students went to the Red Ancient Village to experience interesting research activities, which also marked the beginning of the theme day of "Welcoming the Asian Games with a Loyal Heart to the Party" in Haishu District.

"This is the first time to combine the two brand carriers of extracurricular education, 'Mobile Children's Palace' and 'Spring Mud Plan', and integrate the themes of 'Respect and Courtesy' and 'Welcoming the Asian Games'. Through the research form of teaching and entertainment, young people will be guided to become the inheritors, practitioners, and communicators of' Zhejiang Courtesy'." The relevant person in charge of Haishu District Civilization Office introduced that this summer, the "Mobile Children's Palace" will bring the "Courtesy" characteristic activity projects to the "Spring Mud Plan" practice points in various parts of the district and embark on a colorful summer "polite" trip.

On the "Respect and Courtesy" Civilized Practice Square of the Jian'ao Meiyuan Revolutionary Historical Site Exhibition Hall, teenagers experience more than ten research and learning activities such as "I Love China", "Virtual Reality", and "Progress with one Web ". Through playing and practicing, they inherit red culture and experience the atmosphere of the Asian Games.

The "Love More" volunteers organized by the Ningbo 81890 Volunteer Service Center also drove the volunteer service caravan to Jian'ao village, providing various convenient services to the local people.

On the same day, six patriotism education bases, including the Siming Mountain Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery in Zhangcun, the Hengjie Town Revolutionary Historic Site Exhibition Hall, and the Kaiming Street Pestis Disaster Exhibition Hall, were awarded the Haishu District  “Civilization Practice Base”. Around the theme of "Ten Rites of Zhejiang Style · Respect and Courtesy", 17 towns (townships) and streets in Haishu District carried out various forms of civilization practice theme day activities at the same time, and the district town linkage pushed the beautiful atmosphere of " Welcoming the Asian Games with Courtesy" to a climax

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