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Fresh and juicy "Cixi Sea Peach" on the market

Fruit farmers display the harvested "Cixi Sea Peach". (Photo by Chen Zhangsheng)

Have you ever tasted "Cixi Sea Peach"?

Recently, as the peak harvest season for Ningbo’s honey peaches begins,

this special fruit produced by the Hangzhou Bay has attracted many netizens' attention. Due to the unique growth environment, "Cixi Sea Peach" is not only fresh and juicy, but also sweet but not greasy.

Zhangqi Town is the main production area of "Cixi Sea Peach", with a planting area of approximately 4000 acres. In recent days, peach farmers in Guyaopu Village of the town have ushered in the busiest season of the year. Picking, sorting, packaging... Boxes of peaches are sold to various parts of the country thanks to the "logistics express".

“As the quality of peaches this year is good, many regular and new customers place orders. Since June 20th, our farm has been able to harvest around 2500 kilograms of peaches every day.” Ye Tingda, the person in charge of Ah Ting Fruit and Vegetable Farm are so happy and satisfied with the orders on his phone.

It is learned that in the Tang Dynasty, the village was still a mudflat. With the passage of time, this place has gradually become fertile land. Local farmers try to plant peaches on Alkali soil and give the produced peaches a special name – Sea Peach.

According to the Annals of Cixi County during the reign of Emperor Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty, there are peaches which mature in June and July. The peach produced in the sandy land of Beixiang is called Haitao(Sea Peach). They are ripe in July and have the best taste. The sandy land of Beixiang is now Guyaopu Village in Zhangqi Town, "said Ye Shangen, the head of the Cixi Honey Peach Industry Agricultural Cooperative Association.

In recent years, Guyaopu and other villages have made every effort to create high-quality peach gardens, design unified packaging for peaches, promote the standardization of public brands and production and service in agricultural product areas, and launch cultural and creative products that incorporate peach blossom and peach elements, marking the new IP of "Cixi Sea Peach". Last year, the average output value of peaches per mu in Zhangqi Town exceeded 10000 yuan

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