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Cixi green soybean enters its peak production period

Changhe farmer Fu Weiquan displays the green soybeans. (Photo by Chen Zhangsheng and Cai Hanchi

During the scorching summer, the fragrant and glutinous green soybeans are many citizens’ favorite. Recently, as local green soybeans enter their peak production period, related specialty dishes have also become the focus of attention. By stirring, frying, and boiling, "chefs" showcase their cooking skills online, making plain soybeans a popular delicacy.

It is learned that compared to last year, Ningbo's spring sown fresh edible soybeans (soybeans) were launched to the market nearly 10 days later. Although it was delayed, the quality was better. In the first half of the year, the moderate rainfall and the sufficient sunshine all contribute to the healthy growth of soybeans." In the past few days, looking at the soybeans that were about to be harvested in bulk in the field, Fu Weiquan, a farmer from the Changhe River in Cixi, was overjoyed.

Fu Weiquan is the director of Changhe Cangtian Vegetable Farming, and has been planting green beans for 15 years. In recent years, with the help of units such as the Cixi Agricultural Cooperative Association and the Cixi Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, a batch of new varieties of soybeans have settled down on his farm.

Changhe is a town of vegetables in Zhejiang Province, with a planting area of approximately 6000 acres of soybeans. In recent years, the town has optimized vegetable farming varieties such as soybeans and broccoli, established vegetable cooperatives, improved the agricultural service system, and further improved the quality and added value of vegetables.

As green beans turn into "golden" beans, both the harvest and farmers’ income increase. As a major export town of Cixi soybeans, Longshan has been promoting the mechanization of the entire process of planting and production of fresh edible soybeans in recent years, and has been working together to create a consortium to increase farmers’ income. Ma Xiaofu, Technical Director of Ningbo Haitong Times Agriculture Co., Ltd., said that since the beginning of this year, the company has provided mechanized soybean harvesting services to more than 70 local farmers, with one harvester capable of harvesting 3.5 to 4 acres of soybean per hour.

Cixi is one of the main soybean producing areas in our province. In recent years, the Agricultural Cooperative Association in the city has established the Agricultural Cooperative Association Bean (Soybean) Industry Branch to provide "three in one" services including production, supply and marketing, and credit for relevant agricultural production and operation entities. At present, the member units of the industry branch have a total planting area of 20000 acres of soybeans, with a radiation area of over 60000 acres and an annual output value of over 100 million yuan

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