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A super "Big Vegetable Garden" will be built to enrich vegetable supply


On the morning of July 10th, the foundation of the strategic vegetable supply base project of Ningbo Agricultural and Commercial Development Group was laid. As the city's super "Big Vegetable Garden", the project is a public welfare project led by the government, constructed by state-owned enterprises and operated by the market. It is located in Xiwu Subdistrict, Fenghua District, with a planned land area of 3650.42 mu.

The stable production and supply of "vegetable basket" products are related to thousands of households, and vegetables are one of them. Due to various factors, the self-sufficiency rate of Ningbo local vegetables at the wholesale end is relatively low, only 30%. Currently, 70% of vegetables in the market rely on external supply, including major vegetable producing areas such as Shandong, Henan, and Gansu. The supply and price are constrained by factors such as origin, logistics, and weather.

Based on strategic supply guarantee, this project will build the entire industry chain channel of "planting, processing, and sales" of vegetables, and create a large-scale planting demonstration base that integrates industry, academia, and research. After completion, 25 million vegetable seedlings will be cultivated annually, with an annual output of over 100000 tons of prefabricated vegetables, and a strategic supply guarantee capacity of 100000 tons of local vegetables will be formed

Renderings of Ningbo Super "Big Vegetable Garden". (Courtesy of Ningbo Agricultural and Commercial Development Group

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