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How to transform the "flow" of the Asian Games

into the "retention" of cultural tourism

Yesterday was July 25, 60 days before the countdown to the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou.

At this time node, the Xiangshan Division of the Asian Games welcomed 100 key travel merchants from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Huzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi and other places.

This is the largest group of Yangtze River Delta travel merchants this year, and they will embark on a two-day "Asian Games Xiangshan Ocean Tour".

With the grand event approaching, how can Ningbo amplify the "spillover effect" of the Asian Games, so that the actual flow of people and data traffic on the network will bring more possibilities for the development of cultural tourism?

"Being sensational before the game"

Since February this year, Yu Xiaoyan, general manager of Hangzhou Mango Travel Co., Ltd., has felt the heat of the Asian Games, with local hotel room rates rising and attractions booming...

The popularity of the main venue Hangzhou increased, and the branch venue Xiangshan also experienced "fierceness".

At the Radisson Hotel Xiangshan Gold Coast, the front desk staff informed that room reservations are currently hot, and in addition to the factors of the summer travel season, the number of meetings and groups received has also increased significantly.

"There are no more twin rooms until August 1st, and the double rooms are only a few rooms on individual dates." The staff member said.

"For the hotel industry, the hosting of major events is a plus. The competition period coincides with the 'November' holiday, and the peak period should be longer than in previous years. Dai Yimin said.

Grab the "flow"

Yesterday, the Xiangshan Tourist Express departed, and travelers from other cities will be able to go directly to Xiangshan to start the Asian Games journey.

"We hope that through some initiatives, we will increase the number of tourists during the Asian Games and attract more group tourists to Xiangshan." The relevant person in charge of the Xiangshan County Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports said.

In addition to the "price" of scenic hotels, the Asian Games also injected "sports traffic" into Ningbo.

In Dongqian Lake, "sailing + tourism + sports" has become a new label, and a series of activities such as the Asian Games National Regatta, Ningbo National Paddle League, the Asian Games Kayak Ball Training Camp, and the Asian Games Cycling around Dongqian Lake have attracted enthusiasts to participate, and the atmosphere has become stronger

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