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The "Mythical Bird" guardianship action was launched in Xiangshan

On July 3, the "Mythical Bird" Chinese Crested Tern Guardianship Action with the theme of "Saving Flagship Species and Protecting Biodiversity" was officially launched in Xiangshan. Experts, scholars and volunteers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and other places gathered together to provide suggestions for the protection of "mythical birds" and discuss and exchange biodiversity conservation work.

The Chinese crested tern is a national first-class key protected wild animal, listed as a "critically endangered" species in the IUCN Red List, and is a "mythical bird" that was once considered extinct and rediscovered.

Since the discovery of Chinese crested terns in 2004, Xiangshan County has been committed to the protection of Chinese crested terns, and in 2013, an artificial attraction project was implemented in Leeshan Islands-Tiedun Island, which effectively promoted the recovery growth of the tern population and successfully hatched 179 Chinese crested tern chicks.

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Six provincial characteristic industrial clusters identified in Ningbo

The second batch of provincial characteristic industrial clusters of Zhejiang Province has recently been released. Among them, three industrial clusters in Ningbo were included in the list of core industrial cluster zones, and three industrial clusters, in list of collaborative industrial cluster zones. As a result, there are now six core and collaborative industrial cluster zones in Ningbo, enabling Ningbo to rank first in the province alongside Hangzhou and Jiaxing in terms of number of such zones.

The six industrial clusters selected this time are all key industrial clusters cultivated by Ningbo, and their positions in the global value chain, innovation chain and  industrial chain have significantly improved. To be specific, the three core industrial clusters include the Digital Security and Network Communication industrial cluster in Yuyao County, the Modern Furniture and Intelligent Home Appliances industrial cluster in Cixi County, and the High-end New Materials industrial cluster in Yuyao County; while the three collaborative industrial clusters include the shipbuilding industrial cluster of Xiangshan County, the high-end special electronic materials industrial cluster of Beilun District, and the advanced non-ferrous metals and special steel materials industrial cluster of Yinzhou District

Cherry products of Ningbo equipped with carbon footprint certificate

As is known, one kilogram of steak produces about 30 kilograms of carbon emission, then what is the carbon emission generated by one kilogram of "dried cherry " products?

Consumers who bought the "dried cherry" products produced by the "Cloud Cherry Blossom" workshop in Zhangshui Town of Haishu District these days found that they could receive a "carbon label" along with the purchase, showing that the carbon emission of one kilogram of dried cherry was 3.57 kilograms in the whole process of picking and processing.

As is reported, the "dried cherry" products of Zhangshui Town have obtained the first carbon footprint certificate of cherry blossom products in China after the accounting and certification by such professional institutions as East Zhejiang Environmental Energy Exchange and Beijing Elway Quality Certification Center, aiming to intuitively convey the concept of low-carbon products to consumers and guide consumers to form low-carbon consumption awareness.

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8th "Maker China" (regional competition in Ningbo) launched

On the afternoon of June 13, the "Maker China" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for SMEs in Ningbo was officially launched, as one of the most important innovation and entrepreneurship competitions in China, 

The "Maker China" regional competition in Ningbo will last for three months and the final will be held in late August. With the joint efforts of departments and institutions such as universities, research institutes, entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases, and public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises, the competition will comprehensively showcase the "hardcore" strength of innovation and entrepreneurship in Ningbo.

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