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Haishu seeks for new development through high-quality investment attraction

"We are committed to applying quantum computing and quantum algorithms to the development of new energy materials, with stronger technology iteration capability and commercial profitability, and hope to boost the industrial development of Haishu District."Recently, at the "Elite Gathering" talent recruitment activity hosted by the Haishu District Investment Promotion Team in the Yangtze River Delta area at Shanghai Institute of Intelligent Industry Innovation, the leader of the "quantum computing" project, a talent program at Fudan University, made its debut and conducted a roadshow.

There are five high-quality projects in the on-site roadshow, covering such fields as next-generation information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, life and health, and new energy. The strong scientific and technological power demonstrated by the projects received bursts of applause on site.

Haishu District signed the intention to implement these five projects, showing that under the support of intelligent innovation, the district has obtained new impetus for further optimization of industrial structure, industrial transformation and upgrading, and high-quality development.

The introduction of this batch of high-energy and high-quality projects is the result of the work of three stationed investment and talent introduction teams assigned by the district in March this year.

"High quality investment attraction can promote the high-quality development of the regional economy." said a related person in charge from the Investment Promotion Center of Haishu District. In accordance with the deployment, the investment attraction teams in the district take "high-quality chain group configuration" as the key direction, "entrepreneurs + scientists" as the key group, and "emerging area + future directions" as the key field. With the focus on "double carbon + innovation and entrepreneurship + double chain", they have constantly optimized investment attraction methods, and comprehensively collected investment attraction information. With the flexible investment promotion tools and the full use of investment promotion media, they have promoted the new breakthroughs in investment promotion work.

In this regard, the Haishu District Investment Promotion Team in the Yangtze River Delta area has a lot to share.

"Shanghai is a huge information pool, with numerous industrial exhibitions and business shows with high specifications, specialization, and wide coverage. We focus on industries such as new energy, bulk commodities, and consumer goods, actively expanding and increasing our capacity. While conducting professional negotiations and docking, we sincerely serve and establish a deep connection with high-quality projects." said Chen Xiaowei, head of the investment promotion team.

And the Investment Promotion Team in the Pearl River Delta area has also continued to open up the situation of investment attraction by virtue of the concept of steady promotion.

According to Shi Hengfeng, a member of the Investment Promotion Team in the Pearl River Delta area, at present, the team has contacted, visited or inspected over 50 enterprises and institutions, and is dealing with 10 projects, and provided three accompanying visits back to Ningbo to enterprises. "We are determined to cover the whole area. We are confident that more projects will come to Ningbo to inject new impetus to the development of our district." he said. 

So far, the three investment and talent introduction teams have contacted, visited, and inspected over 230 enterprises, with 46 projects under negotiation

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