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At 7 O'clock Tonight, We Will Ask You to Come to Jiangbei

At 7 O'clock Tonight, We Will Ask You to Come to Jiangbei to Join the Volunteer Appointment of “Welcoming the Asian Games.”

As one of the sub-divisions of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, Ningbo's streets and alleys are changing into “Asian Games makeup”, and various “Welcome Asian Games” urban volunteer services are also in full swing.

At 7 p.m. on June 9, the launching ceremony of Ningbo's “Welcome to the Asian Games” urban volunteer service promotion action, hosted by Ningbo Municipal Civilization Office and undertaken by Jiangbei District Civilization Office, Ningbo Evening News and Yongpai Client, will be held in Binjiang Sports Park located in Jiangbei District.

The scene will show that volunteers help Ningbo run the Asian Games well, do a good job in all aspects of urban volunteer services, show urban civilization, transmit positive social energy, and promote the creation of a volunteer atmosphere of “everyone welcomes the Asian Games and everyone serves the Asian Games”. At that time, the event will be broadcast live simultaneously on Yongpai client, Ningbo release, Ningbo Evening News Video Number, Civilized Ningbo Video Number, and Phoenix Network Ningbo Channel.

What are the highlights of the event?

First of all, mysterious guests from Ningbo will become the general spokesperson of Ningbo urban volunteer service, and encourage more people to join the ranks of volunteer service.

New Asian Games city volunteer clothing will be released at the scene, which are both beautiful and practical, so that volunteers can be more comfortable and comfortable in the process of urban volunteer service and welcome the Asian Games.

Asian Games culture, immersion in people's hearts, at the event site, the Asian Games city volunteer service theme song exclusive to volunteers will also be released.

After the launching ceremony, a special market and game experience area were also arranged on the spot, where citizens and friends could experience celadon, kite, paper cutting and other arts, while “checking in” basketball, football, pitching and other sports games, and win Asian Games mascots, brooch pendants, refrigerator stickers, skipping ropes, 3D puzzles, yoga mats and other Asian Games licensed goods, allowing participants to feel the “Asian Games” atmosphere in the game.

In Ningbo, everyone is a volunteer, and in Ningbo, see civilized China. “Run a good meeting and improve a city” is not only a slogan in Ningbo, but also a grand event for the whole people to volunteer to welcome the Asian Games, and everyone is a participant and a beneficiary.

Tonight, let's go to this wonderful “Welcome to the Asian Games” volunteer appointment! See you tonigh

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