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The ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championship Begin

On June 8th, the sails in the Dongqian Lake International Sailing Port were dotted. With the lighting of the torch by Zhou Jinqiang, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sports, the 2023 ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championships officially began. 123 athletes from 8 countries and regions will form 22 teams to sail Dongqian Lake to compete in the men's/women's and masters competitions of ILCA4, ILCA6 and ILCA7.

Hosted by the International ILCA Association Asia and China Sailing and Windsurfing Association, and organized by Ningbo Sports Bureau, Yinzhou District People's Government and Ningbo Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort Management Committee, the event is the first international class A sailing event to be held in China in 2023.

It is understood that the ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championship is currently t

he highest level of ILCA-class sailing events in Asia. Relying on its own unique natural resources, Dongqian Lake has accumulated rich experience in the exploration and practice of “tourism + sports” integration. In May this year, Dongqian Lake was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for the Development of China's Sailing Industry by the China Sailing and Windsurfing Association. According to reports, after 8 years of construction, Dongqian Lake International Sailing Port has completed two phases of development, with more than 100 berths, a construction area of more than 1,000 square meters, complete supporting facilities, and superior geographical location. Since 2016, Dongqian Lake International Sailing Port has successively held 7 national class A sailing events

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