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First forest diversity insurance launched in Ningbo

With the lush forests, Longguan Township of Haishu District, located at the foot of Siming Mountain, is the first biodiversity friendly township in China. As is known, the Ningbo Branch of PICC Property & Casualty Company has signed the first national forest biodiversity insurance with Longguan Township, helping it to effectively deal with such risks as species invasion and natural disasters.

“During the insurance period, in case of natural disasters, wild animals attacking humans, introduced species’ invasion and other risks, which may lead to the inability of normal survival and reproduction of organisms, vegetation damage and other situations, compensation of up to two million yuan will be provided”, said Wu Jie, manager of the Business Group Department of the Haishu branch of PICC Property & Casualty Company.

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Race against ' Khanun'!

93.2% of the early rice has been harvested as of July 31st

According to the Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Ningbo has invested a large amount of manpower and materials in recent days to ensure rice harvesting and planting in advance. On the afternoon of July 31st, I followed the staff of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery and Animal Husbandry Center to the field to check the harvest and planting.

In a rice field in Shenjiayang Village, Xianxiang Town, Xiangshan County, the sound of machines is rumbling and four harvesters at full power are fully engaged in early rice harvesting. Due to the impact of the last typhoon, the remaining early rice has collapsed. Fortunately, the weather has cleared up in the past few days. It’s a good time to finish the harvest as soon as possible.

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Sailing Center will suspend receiving tourists from August 15th

According to the Songlan Mountain Tourist Resort, as the Asian Games approach, the Sailing Center of Asian Games in Ningbo Xiangshan (hereinafter referred to as the "Sailing Center") will not receive tourists from August 15th, and the opening hours will be notified separately.

Songlan Mountain Tourist Resort is located in Xiangshan County, Ningbo. It is a national 4A level tourist area and a provincial-level tourist resort. It is known as a pearl on the "Immortal Island of the East", and the Yafan Center is located within the Songlan Mountain Tourist Resort. As the only competition venue for the Hangzhou Asian Games that involves sea construction, the Sailing Center is located half on land and half in the sea. The sea-land design integrates the event with nature.

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