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Welcoming the Asian Games at Dongqian Lake

With the approaching of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, how can tourists start a “micro-trip” in the Dongqian Lake area? It was learned from the Dongqian Lake Economic and Tourism Bureau that with the theme of “welcoming Asian Games at Dongqian Lake”, the area has launched 10 special tourism programs for the Asian Games, including the special river and sea tourist route for the Asian Games, boating trip, and hiking.

To greet the Asian Games, trendy entertainment and beautiful scenery perfectly blend in Dongqian Lake, creating a unique cultural and tourism experience for citizens and tourists, as a new way to welcome the games.

The 10 characteristic tourist programs include the special river and sea tourist route to welcome the Asian Games, boating on the lake, hiking in the secret place and tasting the local food, summer bicycling, continuing the road to science, exploring biodiversity, exploring the insect kingdom at night, crossing the world of oil painting, having a summer tea party, and immersing in the summer waves

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