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Yuyao supports industrial development with innovation basis

Recently, Ningbo Konfoong Materials International Co., Ltd. took the lead in completing the key technology research and industrialization project of ultra-high purity aluminum and copper sputtering targets for flat panel displays, and won the first prize of Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award. This project has prepared ultra-high purity metal aluminum and copper sputtering targets that meet the requirements of new display panels for high generation lines.

This is a microcosm of "Yuyao Smart Manufacturing" in the field of technological innovation. In recent years, Yuyao is making efforts to build an innovative city, closely focusing on digital empowerment, green wisdom, and global innovation. In the second batch of national innovative county (city) construction list released by the Ministry of Science and Technology in May this year, Yu Yao was successfully listed.

Yuyao continuously optimizes the service mechanism for science and technology innovation enterprises, both "raising seedlings" and "planting trees". According to the person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau of Yuyao, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprise clusters, Yuyao has carried out gradient cultivation according to the model of expanding the cultivation of science and technology innovation small and medium-sized enterprises, grading the cultivation of high-tech backbone enterprises, and focusing on cultivating leading enterprises. At present, a total of 581 national high-tech enterprises and 1816 provincial technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises have been recognized. At the same time, in conjunction with digital reform, Yuyao will create the first technological innovation digital navigation system in Ningbo, integrating 125 "national provincial city county" scientific and technological projects and 21 application systems, providing enterprises with full cycle, one-stop, and butler style professional scientific and technological services.

Yuyao will strengthen core technology research and guide enterprises to seek benefits from technological innovation. Since the beginning of this year, Yuyao has launched three major measures to encourage research and development, namely precise development of key core technologies and bottleneck technologies, iterative compilation of "three lists" of key industry chain enterprises, key products, and key technologies, forming a panoramic view of industrial technology research and development. Yuyao will improve the scientific research and problem-solving mechanism to help enterprises to solve their problems, and focus on breaking through a number of key technological bottlenecks in the industry through methods. Yuyao will also carry out a series of special actions such as "breaking zero" for invention patents and "diagnosis + improvement" for research and development expenses, and promote a number of leading platforms such as "one industry, one research and development platform" and "innovation consortium". At present, there are 943 enterprises that have established research and development institutions, ranking second in the province, with 14 key technologies filling the domestic gap. In the first half of this year, the research and development expenses of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 4.35 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 4% of their main business income

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