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First forest diversity insurance launched in Ningbo

With the lush forests, Longguan Township of Haishu District, located at the foot of Siming Mountain, is the first biodiversity friendly township in China. As is known, the Ningbo Branch of PICC Property & Casualty Company has signed the first national forest biodiversity insurance with Longguan Township, helping it to effectively deal with such risks as species invasion and natural disasters.

“During the insurance period, in case of natural disasters, wild animals attacking humans, introduced species’ invasion and other risks, which may lead to the inability of normal survival and reproduction of organisms, vegetation damage and other situations, compensation of up to two million yuan will be provided”, said Wu Jie, manager of the Business Group Department of the Haishu branch of PICC Property & Casualty Company.

Reportedly, Longguan Township is located at the eastern foot of Siming Mountain, the “green lung of eastern Zhejiang Province”. The territory is surrounded by mountains, with a forest cover rate of 86%. The villages and towns are rich in ecological resources and species, which not only breed the first-class national protected plants such as Chinese chive and southern Taxus chinensis, but also the habitat of Oriental stork, hooded crane and other first-class national protected animals. The township is considered as the “green treasure house” of biodiversity in East China

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