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Ancient city wall of Cicheng Ancient Town will be restored

On August 1st, the Jiangbei Branch of the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau made a pre-approval announcement on the site selection

and planning design plan for the reconstruction of the city wall and surrounding landscape renovation project in the southeast section of Cicheng Ancient Town.

The project plot is located in the southeast of Cicheng Ancient Town, Jiangbei District, north to Zhuxiang East Road, east and south to Moat, west to the current vegetable market, park, and Congma River historical block.

The construction includes the reconstruction of the southeast section of the city wall and the renovation of the surrounding landscape, with a total land area of approximately 2.71 hectares and the nature of the land being park green spaces and roads.

Cicheng town has a history of 2500 years as a former city and a history of 2200 years as a county. It is currently a well-preserved ancient county town in the south of Yangtze River

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