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First commercial insurance on wheat meteorological index

index launched in Ningbo

The growth of crops is often affected by the natural environment. On January 2, the first commercial insurance on meteorological index of wheat was launched in Yuyao County by the Ningbo branch of PICC Property and Casualty Insurance, aiming to fight against the effects of severe elements on wheat growth. This insurance can effectively protect farmers from the risks they face during continuous low temperature and rainy days, thus reducing possible losses.

Song Zheng, a major grain grower in Huangjianshan Village of Lizhou Sub-district, Yuyao County, has contracted over 700 mu of land locally to plant such crops as wheat and oilseeds. Last year, the wheat he planted had a bountiful harvest. “The cold winter season is a critical

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The main draw of the WTA Ningbo Open begins

On September 25, the main tournament of the 2023 WTA Ningbo Tennis Open began. Ons Jabour, Petra Kvitova, Solana Kostia, Chinese Golden Flower Wang Xiyu, Yuan Yue and many other players appeared in Ningbo, and will present wonderful matches for fans and friends.

In the evening, the kick-off ceremony was held in Ningbo (Yinzhou) Tennis Center. Bai Xilin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Tennis Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, said in his speech that as a "city of Olympic champions", Ningbo has fully demonstrated its advanced venue facilities and rich experience in hosting high-level tennis events. As one of the most influential women's professional tennis tournaments and the only international tennis circuit in Zhejiang Province, the holding of this tournament is of great significance to promote the development of tennis.

The tournament will feature singles and doubles, and the singles and doubles champions will be decided on September 30.

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Ningbo elements in special exhibition of ancient Chinese

paintings in Ningbo

The Marine Silk Road elements of Ningbo can be found in the paintings from different eras of China at the special exhibition in Ningbo entitled “Compilation of Classics in the Flourishing Age: the exhibition of achievements in compiling collections of ancient Chinese paintings”. As a city with the culture integrating Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, Ningbo has attracted many painters to depict its landscapes. Both show that the inclusiveness and openness are the main characteristics of the local art of the city. 

Art communication on the Maritime Silk Road

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Achievements made at demonstration base for agricultural

 science and technology

In order to keep the “freshness” of Fenghua honey peaches, recently, in the workshop of Yuanlan Food Technology Company located in Fenghua District, workers are busy meeting orders for honey peaches at full capacity. “The orders for honey peach wine and jelly peaches have been arranged until the end of this month”, said Zhong Xuezhen, who is in charge of the company. With the support of the scientific research team of the Processing Institute of the municipal Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the “bottleneck” problem of browning of honey peach juice and fruit wine has been solved, and the honey peach industry chain is becoming larger and larger, with the sales value of juice and other products reaching 1.2 million yuan.

Honey peach is a characteristic and advantageous agricultural product in Fenghua District, with an annual output of over 70,000 tons. However, the loss rate in planting, storage and preservation is from 30% to 50%.

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