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Beilun focuses on the integration of innovation chain

, talent chain and industrial chain

In the high-end precision industrial park, which covers an area of more than 320 acres, the main project of Haitian Precision No. 1 factory was basically completed at the end of last year, aiming at the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, and the Haiershi Biomedical Industrial Park, which plans to invest 2 billion yuan, laid the foundation stone in November last year, and plans to build a modern high-tech biomedical industrial park in line with the international high-end pharmaceutical and medical equipment market......

    As the Beilun area of Ningbo Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Zone has entered the substantive construction stage, Beilun has ushered in a new historical opportunity. A number of headquarters economic projects are accelerating the landing, and high-

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“Our Own Fair” launched

With the intangible cultural heritage display, the public welfare volunteer services, and the specialty food tasting activity, “Our Own Fair”, as well as the “civilized fair for common prosperity”, was launched at the Ningfeng Community of Dongjiao Sub-district of Yinzhou District on the afternoon of January 24, which attracted a number of citizens.

Reportedly, the theme event of “Our Own Fair” is one of the series of civilization cultivation activities sponsored by the municipal Civilization Office. It is an innovative measure to deepen the promotion of the cultivating action of the citizens’ civilization quality, as well as an effective carrier of close and integrated learning and practice of etiquette. With the “civilized practice + fair” model, the promotion of civilization and etiquette cultivation are integrated into various fairs, so as to provide people opportunities to experience the atmosphere of etiquette and cultivate the civilized temperament in an immersive way, thus promoting people’s strive to become civilized and courteous citizens.

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First 3D public charging station put into operation.

“It is the largest public charging station in Beilun District, as well as the first three-dimensional public charging station in Ningbo, capable of charging up to 104 vehicles simultaneously.” said Yu Songtian, the project leader of Zhejiang Electric (Beilun District of Ningbo) Smart Energy Co., Ltd.. The Beilun Central Charging Station has recently been put into operation officially. With the past few days of operation, it has completed the charging capacity of over 10,000 kilowatt hours, with the highest daily charging demand from 11o’clock to 13 o’clock.

The interior walls and pillars of the charging station are marked with such colors as orange, yellow, and blue to provide guidance for new energy vehicle owners who come for charging. In accordance with their different needs, they are directed to parking spaces with different charging modes like fast charging and slow charging.

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Seafood fair at Ninghai County

The Seafood Fair, with the theme of greeting the Chinese New Year, was started at the Cultural Hall Square of Xiayu Village of Qiangjiao Town, Ninghai County. It attracted many citizens and tourists to come to taste seafood, make Spring Festival purchases, and experience the unique local fishing culture.

Reportedly, the fair has a history of over 100 years, with seafood specialties being the feature. Each year, villagers from all over the county and friends from other places will come here to experience the most folk and festive fair

Xiangshan Huaao Island will be built into a national marine park

January 9, from the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning was informed that, after the provincial Forestry Bureau audit and agreed by the provincial government, Xiangshan County, "flower plain island national marine park planning (2021-2035)" officially implemented.

Located in zhejiang province, sanmen bay mouth east side of a small island, the island of steep cliffs, rock columns quite a lot, along the coast of the bay surrounded by elegant and beautiful environment, which is known as the "sea fairy country, the earth Yingzhou city" known as the flower plain island.

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