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Xiangshan Huaao Island will be built into a national marine park

January 9, from the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning was informed that, after the provincial Forestry Bureau audit and agreed by the provincial government, Xiangshan County, "flower plain island national marine park planning (2021-2035)" officially implemented.

Located in zhejiang province, sanmen bay mouth east side of a small island, the island of steep cliffs, rock columns quite a lot, along the coast of the bay surrounded by elegant and beautiful environment, which is known as the "sea fairy country, the earth Yingzhou city" known as the flower plain island.

In December 2016, approved by the former State Oceanic Administration, Huaao Island National Marine Park was established, and in December 2023, the "Huaao Island National Marine Park Planning (2021-2035)" was formally approved and implemented. The planning period is from 2021 to 2035, with a planning area of 36.78 square kilometres, and a study area of about 44.2 square kilometres including Huaao Island and the surrounding waters.

"Huaao Island is very rich in natural resources, especially sea erosion geomorphic landscapes, salt fields and wetland beaches, with distinctive coastal characteristics and tourism and sightseeing value." Xiangshan County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau project manager introduced, Huaao Island National Marine Park moderate use area of 4.05 square kilometres, a total of 36 planned attractions, will focus on the construction of "Cangcang Yintian excursion area," "Guzhang beach excursion area" and "Zhangcang Sailor Barracks Excursion Area", exploring the optimal development order of marine resources under the premise of effective protection of marine ecology.

In the next step, Xiangshan County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau will focus on the basic principles of "protection priority, green development, land and sea linkage, integration and opening up", implement ecological protection of the island, tourism, green use of the island, the facilities of the island, and innovation to live the island, and build the national marine park of the plain islands as the "dazzling pearl" of the big garden of Zhejiang Province, the "dazzling pearl" of the big garden of Zhejiang Province, and the "water barracks of Zhangcang". The national marine park of Huaao Island will be built as a "dazzling pearl" in the big garden of Zhejiang Province and a well-known marine geological and cultural tourism destination in China

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