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First 3D public charging station put into operation.

“It is the largest public charging station in Beilun District, as well as the first three-dimensional public charging station in Ningbo, capable of charging up to 104 vehicles simultaneously.” said Yu Songtian, the project leader of Zhejiang Electric (Beilun District of Ningbo) Smart Energy Co., Ltd.. The Beilun Central Charging Station has recently been put into operation officially. With the past few days of operation, it has completed the charging capacity of over 10,000 kilowatt hours, with the highest daily charging demand from 11o’clock to 13 o’clock.

The interior walls and pillars of the charging station are marked with such colors as orange, yellow, and blue to provide guidance for new energy vehicle owners who come for charging. In accordance with their different needs, they are directed to parking spaces with different charging modes like fast charging and slow charging.

The charging station is equipped with eight 120KW DC fast charging piles, nineteen 60KW DC fast charging piles, three V2G 60KW charging piles, and forty-seven 7KW AC slow charging piles.

The three-dimensional public charging station boasts of advanced technologies. To be specific, the roof of the charging station is equipped with 186KW of distributed photovoltaics, which can generate 8% of the power demand of the station. The V2G charging piles of the station can achieve the function of bidirectional charging and discharging between new energy vehicles and the power grid. Car owners can choose to charge during non-peak hours, and transfer surplus electricity to the power grid in reverse through these devices during peak hours to reduce the load pressure on the power grid and achieve the effect of balance.

Reportedly, the Beilun Central Charging Station implements different prices and separate fee mechanism during four different time periods of each day. According to the electricity price in January, the most expensive period is the “peak period”, with a fee of 1.19 yuan per kilowatt hour; while the cheapest is during the “valley period”, with a fee of 0.52 yuan per kilowatt hour.

The Beilun Center Charging Station is adjacent to the Beilun Sports and Art Center and serves as a charging station for the supporting parking lot of the Beilun training base of Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. It will effectively alleviate the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles in the central urban area of Beilun District

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